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  • I loved the Hunger Games: Series. I did it read any of the books. I was gone of the scenery and the action in the film more than anything else. The most touching scene for me was when Katniss sung to Rue. I found it unfortunate that Rue died at such a young age but she died for the better of her District or community per se. I didn’t understand t…[Read more]

  • Mad max fury Road is one of my favorite film out of the Mad max Series. It made me want watch the other three films prior to this one. & I believe that I’m now a Mad Max series fan. I also want to see if there will be a fifth sequel. I want to know what happens to Furiosa & What’s next for the Wasteland. Does Furiosa become the next dic…[Read more]

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    This is one of my favorite films. I’ve watched this film for the third time thus far. ” The Day The Earth Stood Still” did not speak volumes to me the first time I’ve watched it for my Sociology to Cinema course. I did not appreciate this film until I had conversations amongst friends about politics and of course Trump. That particular…[Read more]

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    Unity is not your strength .. it is your weakness. – Krall
    This quote spoke out to me while watching this film. Despite the difference with the crew on the ship, they’ve managed to work together as a team to get back home after the disastrous fight in outer space. They’ve proved to Krall how invalid his statement really was. Another example of…[Read more]

  • Cloning of the original source does not give the exact replica of the species.During the cloning process humans are dehumanize through deep somber; ultimately, causing humans to experience rebirth with memory lost, and become emotionless. Our emotions, cognitive thinking, and our five senses are all characteristics that allow us to be apart of…[Read more]

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