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    Unlike some other colleges at which I teach, Queens College does not penalize students for failing to attend classes. Students seem to be unaware of this policy. I always begin classes by taking attendance, but […]

    • *Make* attendance mandatory. Make it part of the syllabus. Since the syllabus is the contract between instructor and student, what you say, goes.

      For example: if a student turns in an assignment past the due date, I clearly state in the syllabus that the student will receive a half a letter grade reduction in their grade for that assignment. No one objects to this policy, since 23 out of the 25 students in a section always turn their assignments in on time.

      So perhaps next semester I will also add a penalty for students who consistently come in late (and there are quite a few) or miss classes often. I had a professor (yes, at QC) that had that sort of policy as an undergrad.

      It’s time to make our students more responsible for their own behavior.

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