• Well I first want to say is that I am so happy that this book is over because I am tired of this long book and the only thing I kept reading was me this I this and it was too much bragging for me from Saleem. Also the story line was ok. I did […]

  • Well I do not have any questions but I was shocked about when Saleem turned 15 or 16, he started acting up. He was sleeping with prostitutes and behaving like a crazy, desperate, old man. He even fell in love with his sister the monkey. He was very jealous when Men came for her hand, […]

  • Dr. Narlikar death is unexplainable. He does die trying to protect one of the tetrapods which creates more land, but hating and telling people the fact that Indians should stop giving birth is like hypocrisy. Because tetrapod creates land which needs civilians to live on and manage it, he is excluding that fact. His death […]

  • Saleem wants to write about his whole past starting from his grandfather’s time. He is worried that he might forget about his past because he feels he might disappear soon and wants to inform us about what took place in his family, including, his grandfather’s itchy nose moments. That is how much detailed his writing […]

  • I think what Lola meant by the quote was that all Dominicans do is go through lots of issues. It is either inflicting the issue or being the one who is in the issue. All Dominicans experience violence and that is what all they go though is violence. They never experience any happiness. It is […]

  • I think that Yunior did not know what his real intentions were. He just try to occupy himself with what was in front of him. Without knowing how he really felt like, he tried to help Oscar out. When they fought Yunior didn’t know if it was because Oscar defied him or because he gave […]

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    I had Spanish for a very long time and I knew many things but I forgot about it. On page 110 the word “jueguito” interested me because I wanted to know what Beli was trying to say to the Gangster.What I found out was that it means little game and it is similar to what […]

  • Diaz starts with a quote from the Fantastic Four because to give us a hint on what the story might be about. Oscar is a boy who loves comic. He always imagines himself in the comic books like he has to save his crushes lives because they are in danger of plagues or aliens. It […]

  • I think that Prior and the Angel is an interesting couple because Angel is an Angel and Prior is a prophet. An Angel and a prophet should not have a connection like the way they did. They have a romantic, sexual connection and in real life that is absurd, weird, unthinkable and not possible at […]

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    Well the ending was too soon. When it comes to unimportant events, it is in detail but when it comes to the most important part which is the end of Beloved, it ends quickly. However, I do like the fact that Paul D stays with Sethe and Denver leaves the house and starts working for […]

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    The second part was more understandable than the first because Morrison did not jump as much as she did in the first part. Morrison explained the past in more details and it helped me figure out some things that were confusing for me. However, the monologue of Beloved was very confusing. I do not know […]

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    As my classmates make a point about the order of which Morrison writes this story, I think I have to agree because there is a point of writing in this way. They keep going to the past so we can understand why Sethe is alone in the present. We can get a better understanding of […]

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    What I found very irritating is that how the novel started. I did not understand till later on what was going on. It was very confusing because the characters were talking about a baby ghost and I thought they were saying ghost stories or at least something like that. However, it was not a story. […]

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    Zach is the most sympathetic out of the two because he has the biggest burden on his shoulders. He has to take care of himself and his brother. Even though his brother, Morris cooks and cleans, Zach is the one who brings the bacon home. Zach is the one who is standing for hours and […]

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    In Brooks, “We Real Cool,” the speaker has a strong sense of their identity. They think that they are the real deal in being cool. People who are cool are usually people who are popular. Being cool leads them to do things that are horrible and tragic. They commit sins and foul deeds. They hide […]

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    I did not really understand “Howl” but I did try to analyze it closely. For example, towards the ending of the poem Ginsberg repeated the sentence “I’m with you in Rockland.” The speaker probably was explaining that he is with Carl Solomon through anything and everything. No matter if they were apart or not. They […]

  • In Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” is very realistic because it is something you would see on the news. In this story, a family is going on a vacation which turns out deadly. Because of the grandmother’s desire to see a house which was not even at the place they were […]

  • The first half is about Ibo’s religion, traditions and customs but the second half is about the European taking control and changing up the Ibo’s style of living. First part has many stories to tell but it is mostly about the Ibo’s religion and laws. The second part has a specific story that is being […]

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    When I was reading Things Falls Apart by Chinua Achebe, his writing was very interesting. In the beginning, I did not notice that Achebe would jump from his native language to English. However, as I kept reading it it was becoming a little difficult to read and understand what Achebe was trying to say. I […]