Huy Le

  • Scene This scene is from Double Indemnity,  in this scene Keyes is telling Neff how there something wrong with the claims that Phyllis, Keyes used his “little man” to dissects what could have happened, Keyes was convinced that this is not a accident.  First Shot  MS, Neff had just gotten off the phone with Phyllis, Keyes rings the door bell and came […]

  • I forgot i haven’t really introduced myself, but its never too late. Hello everyone, my name is Huy, i moved to New York about 9 years ago from Vietnam.Currently residing in Fresh meadows, I love to listen to music, watching movies,  playing handball, hanging out with my friends, and the occasional partying on my free time. Like many freshman […]

  • * didnt realize that the class talked about this scene in detail since i wasnt in class* Will do another scene Flash back scene (18:45- Observation The scene starts with snow falling heavily. Kane is playing outside throwing snow. Kane threw a snowball and hit the sign “MRS. KANE BOARDING HOUSE”. The family seems to be having money problems and Mrs. Kane […]