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  • I agree with many of your points on drugs but a question I’ve always had on drugs or any substance in general is that back in the days even coffee was illegal until the government found a way to tax it and in my opinion once the government finds a way to tax any type of drug it’ll become legal within the states.

  • Immigration has played a major role in shaping the United States of America into the one of the most diverse countries in the world. The United States of America is known as the land of opportunity because of its […]

    • While it is true that 9/11 did lead to an intensification of American security systems, I don’t think it led to such a sharp change. Seems like the policies of the 20’s and 40’s were really the tide-changers. Americans have, for a long time now, been questioning the newcomers of the country. Seems like a difficult thing to regulate; then again, a totally unregulated system, one would imagine, would probably lead to a whole host of issues in its own regard. Important topic though

  • I agree with Jazlyn on the fact that the amount of tip you should give is 10% according to you and your circumstance. What if you need those $25 for food or transportation, the museum will not pick up that tab for you. For example, my dad gets calls everyday asking for charity but that doesn’t mean he has to pay them because it’s not a necessity.

  • So do you feel the comfortability of living around the same race has given the government better leverage to keep these people in the same race?

  • New York City has become one of the most expensive places to live in throughout the United States. Everything from transportation, gas, groceries and insurance has completely emptied the pockets of New Yorkers, no […]

  • I agree with idea on how this residential segregation started, but do you also think this was a way for the government not only to separate blacks from living with whites, but also a way to keep people of color impoverished as they weren’t given the same opportunities to prosper?

  • Residential segregation has played a major role in shaping the United States into what it is today, especially a major city such as New York. The Industrial Revolution in the 1760s was a major event that changed […]

  • Definitely, I agree with your point of view on how rising the minimum wage has it’s benefits but defineilty has even worse drawbacks. For example, referring to the minimum wage the graph in the class we noticed that the amount of unions was caused by the raise of the minimum wage which is difenitley a drawback as the workers have no protection. A…[Read more]

  • You’ve stated that globalization is good for the economy, but how bout when it takes away jobs from the workers in the U.S.A as companies have found people in other countries to do the work fro much cheaper? Do you think this could be the reason we haven’t seen a significant rise in the minimum wage? Additionally, do you think the globalization is…[Read more]

  • I like how you stated, “I beleive you would have to change the mindset of an entire class of people,” but what class are you specifically referring to? Do you feel its the mindset of government officials, real estate developers or the wealthy in general?

  • Usually when we hear the word “city” an image of a heavily busy and populated area pops up in our minds. Cities have always been a center for business and economic surplus due to all the different necessities […]

    • Hello!
      If you were the president at that time would you agree with the new deal or would you propose a different plan? What would you do about the racial zoning that was going on at that time?

    • Wow,the figure for the increase in population is really eye-opening. I like how the author brought attention to skyscrapers and how they represented not only the businesses at large, but the evolution of the city altogether. Also, I never knew about LaGuardia (just the airport), so it was really nice to gain new knowledge concerning New York’s past

  • Do you think it is possible that if the workers are giving more power, it could affect the company negatively as they might become lazier,(clock in late and leave early) and delay production? Is this the reason their power is limited?

  • 1- I walked by 285 Fulton St, better known as the new world trade center. When I got there I immediately saw a man of Hispanic descent selling hats and then a white male in a suit walking into one of the buildings […]

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