• The first question that came up in my mind was “what would I do if I was a clone”? I would do lots of drugs, have lots of sex, smoke, drink and live. Screw it, if i’m only as good as what I can donate, I’m going to destroy everything I come into existence for. The things that lurks me is the most is the fact that Kathy, Ruth, and Tommy believe…[Read more]

  • China, why does it all start in China? I can’t see an epidemic like this happening ever in my life time. But of course, i have very little knowledge about diseases or epidemics. I remember when SARS happened in Asia a few years ago, my parents were both in Taiwan at the times. The number of people infected keep rising, and the death toll was…[Read more]

  • What terrifies me the most isn’t the gray sky or the uncertainty of what may come tomorrow. It’s human nature. The question of what sort attributes differentiate us from animals has been debated for a very long time. Some people say religion, some say intelligence, and I have always thought that the biggest difference between us and animals is our…[Read more]

  • this movie gets me thinking a lot about what was discussed at the last class about the butterfly being the man and the man being the butterfly, and theres no way of telling whether we are in a “real” world. Well, in the 13th floor, Hall and Fuller created a simulated world modeled after year 1937. However, it was later found out that Hall himself…[Read more]

  • oh my… what an ending!!! lolz! So it turns out Runciter in also in half life? right? haha

    I think the concept of half life is very interesting. However, i don’t think i would like to be put in that position after my semi-death? I think perhaps scientist and political leaders will find this type of technology very useful and maybe even…[Read more]

  • The Unobtainable Unobtanium

    So, avatar is about taking resources from the indigenous who worship the natural world and mostly the tree of Eywa. Eywa, ironically, is described to be just like a computer, it is a network of resource, energy and information that can be upload and download by the natives (Navi). Navi believes that the knowledge of…[Read more]

  • Lilith, our main character in the novel was genetically engineered to be physically stronger and faster. She is also “altered” to retain more information and has the ability to recover rapidly (physically) in compare to other humans. I think it might be safe to assume that many people find the concept of genetic engineering to be frightening. Whe…[Read more]

  • Neuromancer is about tech invasion. Computers are no longer a devise we use in our everyday life, it can in fact think on its own and make decision that is beneficial to itself. Nerve wrecking… However scary it might seem, it does reflect a segment of the world we live in today. As described by Gibson, the entertainment world is connected t…[Read more]

  • The Social Network

    Remember Xanga, Myspace, and Friendster? No? think harder… it happened before FB. When FB was first introduced, I couldn’t sign up. Because it required registrants to register with an email that ends in “.edu” I thought that was wack and blogged about it on Xanga. A couple of years later, FB changed their policy, users can sig…[Read more]