• irenetai206 posted an update 8 years, 3 months ago

    Neuromancer is about tech invasion. Computers are no longer a devise we use in our everyday life, it can in fact think on its own and make decision that is beneficial to itself. Nerve wrecking… However scary it might seem, it does reflect a segment of the world we live in today. As described by Gibson, the entertainment world is connected through a networked called simstim. In simstim one is able to experience the sensory part of an individual through that person’s eyes. In a way (not exactly identical) we do this everyday. We see the world of our friends, families random nobodies via Facebook, Google+, Youtube, and etc. We are interconnected through the web and media in all aspect of our everyday life. But in fact, it is not only used for entertainment, it is even used in medical science today. My doctor can actually access my full medical record via the web. And when one is to take out a loan, he/her entire life is reflected with a three digit number we called credit score.