• irenetai206 posted an update 8 years, 8 months ago

    Lilith, our main character in the novel was genetically engineered to be physically stronger and faster. She is also “altered” to retain more information and has the ability to recover rapidly (physically) in compare to other humans. I think it might be safe to assume that many people find the concept of genetic engineering to be frightening. When I first heard of the term I imagined Dr. Evil experimenting with the idea of cloning himself, I visualized a world of odd/fantastic species. But how much we understand about the method of genetic engineering can determine the reality of our imagination. I don’t have a PHD but I welcome the idea of it. I believe genetic engineering is a step towards greater living quality. As I mentioned in class, if someone comes from a family with a history of liver disease, and we have the technology and method to eliminate or even lower the percentage of a highrisk individual to develop the disease, wouldn’t it then be undoubtedly inhumane and unethical to refuse the treatment of prevention for him/her? I believe humanity is trial and error with the effort on promoting the highest living standard for the greatest number of people, and if genetic engineer can possibility take us there, why not give it a try?