• irenetai206 posted an update 8 years, 8 months ago

    The Unobtainable Unobtanium

    So, avatar is about taking resources from the indigenous who worship the natural world and mostly the tree of Eywa. Eywa, ironically, is described to be just like a computer, it is a network of resource, energy and information that can be upload and download by the natives (Navi). Navi believes that the knowledge of the world is in the tree, hence why they value it and is willing for guard with their own lives. Eywa lies above an overwhelming amount of a substance named “unobtanium” lolz, and the monetary value of it is substantial. This movie is like a direct representation of neocolonialism. The Whites is modern day Europeans, Avatar represents third world countries, and obviously unobtanium is the fruit of wealth. this isn’t the first time ive watched a movie with similar topics. So what the Whites goes to a new land, exploit their natural resources, slaughter the natives, and get super rich. We’ve seen this type of storyline a million times. Well, it is important because it is still happening now, and sadly, some one us are still oblivious to it. But that’s besides the point, what I am really interested in is how “we” can help to change the system? “We” or maybe just me, “I” as a woman, as a college student, and as an American. Besides bringing awareness to the problem of capitalism, to foreign labor policies, to international trade laws set forth by the Europeans, what can we do to correct the apparent detrimental toll that capitalism imposes on the poor, third world countries, and mostly the environment.