• irenetai206 posted an update 8 years, 8 months ago

    oh my… what an ending!!! lolz! So it turns out Runciter in also in half life? right? haha

    I think the concept of half life is very interesting. However, i don’t think i would like to be put in that position after my semi-death? I think perhaps scientist and political leaders will find this type of technology very useful and maybe even beneficial. I can think of a few person who might actually utilize this if the technology is available today; north korea leader for one. The concept of a half life is also associated with the existence of soul/mind outside of one’s physical body. In the novel ubik (ubiquity) as we later discovered, all the characters died at Luna right after the explosion, and all the regression which presented itself is done by Jory. For most of the novel, the characters were in the realm created by Jory which in a way a lot of like being in a video game. For example, in most of the console games, each players assume the character of someone in the game and are assigned different tasks. And in this case, Ubik would be one of the items that the players stock up in case the life line runs low.