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    this movie gets me thinking a lot about what was discussed at the last class about the butterfly being the man and the man being the butterfly, and theres no way of telling whether we are in a “real” world. Well, in the 13th floor, Hall and Fuller created a simulated world modeled after year 1937. However, it was later found out that Hall himself is also in a simulated world created by someone in year 2024. “I think, therefore i am” this was the exact quote that i thought of when the discussion of butterfly was brought up. But of course, i only know the mere surface of that famous phrase. this is taken from Wikipedia: “The statement is sometimes given as Dubito, ergo cogito, ergo sum (English: “I doubt, therefore I think, therefore I am”).[2] A common mistake is that people take the statement as proof that they, as a human person, exist. However, it is a severely limited conclusion that does nothing to prove that one’s own body exists, let alone anything else that is perceived in the physical universe. It only proves that one’s mind exists (that part of an individual that observes oneself doing the doubting). It does not rule out other possibilities, such as waking up to find oneself to be a butterfly who had dreamed of having lived a human life.” this is exactly we were talking about. How do we know that “we” really do exist, surely that everything around me seems real, and that my emotions, thoughts, and senses are genuine, but could there be a world outside of this? is there life after death?