• irenetai206 posted an update 8 years, 6 months ago

    China, why does it all start in China? I can’t see an epidemic like this happening ever in my life time. But of course, i have very little knowledge about diseases or epidemics. I remember when SARS happened in Asia a few years ago, my parents were both in Taiwan at the times. The number of people infected keep rising, and the death toll was doubling and sometimes tripling by the end of the day. My parents were told to stay indoor and wash theirs hands constantly. Every time they turned in the TV, they would hear more and more about it. It was terrifying. Unfortunately, the information they gathered were only available to them once a number of people died. Just like the movie, Kate Winslet called it an “epidemic” in the very beginning but other objected to that. However, as the scientists learn more and more about it, many people were already dying including Katy Winslet herself. There was no cure, but a vaccine was finally created when one of the scientist injected herself with a small do age of the disease itself. Anyhow, i thought the movie was entertaining at best, i didn’t understand what was the message behind it.