• irenetai206 posted an update 8 years, 8 months ago

    The first question that came up in my mind was “what would I do if I was a clone”? I would do lots of drugs, have lots of sex, smoke, drink and live. Screw it, if i’m only as good as what I can donate, I’m going to destroy everything I come into existence for. The things that lurks me is the most is the fact that Kathy, Ruth, and Tommy believe that they really are inferior, and i don’t understand why. The truth is, i really don’t know how I feel about clones. The last I heard scientists were able to clone organs, and to me, if it’s only the organs that are being cloned then it’s ok. God knows how many people are on the wait list for a kidney. But when the clones are actually conscious of their own existence then the whole thing becomes drastically different. its really inhuman, and if something(someone) like Ruth Kathy Tommy ever become acceptable in a society, then I can honestly say that the meaning of life and humanity as we know it is no longer true. Anyhow, I think the entire concept of the book is really depressing. It almost makes me feel disgusted.