Christian Zapata

  • As I read Richard Wright’s “The Man Who Was Almost a Man”, I couldn’t help just as others have written before me to read aloud the text with dialects. This allowed me to also have fun with this story which made it easier to read. A brief summary of the story is there’s a small […]

  • New criticism has had varied opinions throughout the class from having a few believing that it is simpler to others who didn’t like it. After reading “The Formalist Critic” by Cleanth Brooks I went from being one of those who didn’t like it to being someone who understands it more and just neutral about it. […]

  • This is the first prompt which shows a picture of president Obama displaying deep emotions. Emotions such as sorrow to which he is either preparing or already its addressing the United States. This is important because majority of the addresses are something big. This picture has led me to interpret Obama’s emotions as negative because […]