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  • this movie showed the poverty and hardship in that time period.. Durga was just a young girl who wanted to be a normal young girl but couldn’t be just normal because her family was poor. That made things hard on her. She had no choice but to eat rice everyday. She would go into her […]

  • The movie I chose to analyze is “Umberto D”, directed by Vittorio de Sica in 1952. In 1957, this movie was nominated for the best writing, motion picture story and again in 1952, nominated for the grand prix. Also, in 2005, Umberto D was listed in Time Magazine’s 100 all time movies. This movie was […]

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    i agree that this film was a emotional roller coaster as well! This film was sad with only a few happy moments. i loved this movie so much too. Flake was such a great “actor” and so loving to Umberto!

  • i did not like that music they played when the criminal was looking for the next victim, i actually thought it was very creepy and scary!!! the only good thing about that music was that it created suspense!

  • This is my favoriteeeeeeeeeeee film thus far! This movie had a very sad theme to it.  The setting was very great depression-like. So seemed like a hard era. It was hard not to feel bad for Umberto when he didn’t have enough money to keep his room in that apartment. He tried so hard to […]

  • That is a great observation of what you saw, how Lang was trying to make the audience view the criminal. The mood was creepy and scary every time the criminal comes on because of that whistle and the sounds they used.

  • I actually enjoyed this film! This is a film about 2 brothers who had a hard time getting along. One was always troubled and one was smart. The troubled brother eventually became a gangster and the smart brother joined the army. They always fought about anything and everything. Their mother always works so hard to […]

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    I felt bad for the mother as well. Every mother would want her sons to get along and the fact that they didn’t and fought most of the time, it broke her heart. I’m sure this can be related to any situations today. Maybe the reason why they fought so much was because one became […]

  • I thought this movie was quite interesting. The movie started out with Elise’s mother waiting for her to come home from school but she never made it. That started the ring of missing little girls who were victims of a child rapist murderer. The murderer runs around town targeting little girls who looked like they […]

  • Hello all~

    My name is Irene and i am a media studies major. I like the public relations/communications side of it more so than the technical stuff. I’m looking forward to blogging about the history of cinema with the rest of you very soon!!