• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtL_PasQefI While searching for film clips I cam across this propaganda film from the 1960’s.  This is a propaganda film that was made to show the negattive effects of using heroin.  This film stood out to me and for me it felt like a cross between La Jetée and Moth Light.  The film follows the narrator […]

  • I really enjoyed this movie.  I liked all the hidden pieces of foreshadowing the death of the two so much so that it is almost not so shocking when it finally happens.  The two characters are very likable and make you forget how they have killed people.  The part that kind of stood out to me was […]

  • Jonathan Barragan Medst 144 December 9, 2010 Film Analysis for Psycho A great movie should never rely on graphics or props in order to get the point across.  This is best shown by the movie Psycho by Alfred Hitchock.  Psycho was released in 1960 and is about a motel owner,Norman Bates, who kills female travelers.  Even though […]

  • This was a great clip that to me really captures what I think the 60’s was like. Its almost chaotic with the bright flashing lights and camera movement and it definitely makes you feel like your on something while watching this.

  • I know my comment probably sounded like I was bashing this film but I didn’t mean for it to come across like that. The characters were interesting in their own way but it was just personally that I couldn’t feel the certain mood that I was hoping for from the film.

  • Yeah I guess you are right, maybe Godard was trying to set a certain mood but I personally didn’t get it but then again this was the first French movie that I have seen so maybe I’m just comparing it to other American films which I know I shouldn’t do.

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    yeah it did feel like a bollywood version of umberto D, and thanks I will check out the film on Ikey’s blog

  • I thought La Jetée was very interesting.  I have never seen a film where the majority of it is still images.  I also found the mood of the film to be very eerie, with the dark images and the classical music and the mans voice narrating the story, I think that these elements really kept me […]

  • This was a great clip, I really wish that we could have seen this movie instead of Charulata.  I think that I was hyped up from the two clips of Mother India and Apna Desh with the bright colors and music that I couldn’t really concentrate on the black and white movie.  I really liked […]

  • This was a great movie.  I remember watching this as a kid and not really liking it , but it wasn’t until I saw this in class now that I can appreciate the art behind this film.  There was no need for the gore and blood like other films, the cinematography and  music played during some scenes […]

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    I thought this was great, I really doubt that a desk can keep you safe from an atomic bomb but this film actually had me believing that I would be safe if I duck and cover.  I think that this video was really made for keeping the public calm during a time of uncertainty and […]

  • I really enjoyed this film, this was my first time watching it and I thought it was really good.  I think the cinematography was great and the music really added to the suspense and feeling of anxiousness.  This was also the first time, from all the films that we have seen, that I saw a camera […]

  • You are right about the beginning scene and the mystery behind “rosebud” to keep the audience interested in watching the movie, that is what kept me watching the film also.

  • I really like how you said that the killer can’t escape or control the evil compulsion that over take him. I think that for me that was one of the most important parts of the movie when the killer is confronted and put on trial by the gang of criminals and he tells them that […]

  • I agree this film was very boring. Even though the plot was pretty easy to follow, I found it hard to stay focused on the movie. Maybe another film would have sparked my interest in Japanese films but this one really did’t do it for me.

  • Jonathan Barragan Medst 144 October 21, 2010 Film Analysis of Citizen Kane In Citizen Kane (Welles, RKO, 1941) the flash back scene in Mrs. Kane’s boarding house sets the mood and the meaning behind the main plot of the movie.  The composition of the scenes, the lighting and the focus used by the director really […]

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    I think that your right, without these original films like The Public Enemy we wouldn’t have such great gangster classics like Goodfellas. I think this film paved the way for movies where the audience ends up rooting for the bad guy.

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    I really liked this movie.  I think the main character being an older man makes you feel more compassion towards him, you can also feel that he has a good heart even though he acts tough at times.  I felt the same way about the maid, thought that she put up a front in hiding […]

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    I really liked this movie.  I know if  it was the cinematography of the scenic views  but it made the film look more like the movies that we watch today.  I even saw a shot from the outside of a moving bus in the beginning when Bailey is heading down to Mexico.  The shots in Mexico and […]

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    Am I the only one that is reminded of the old superman cartoons like this one    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WScaWdl6TEk .  This was my first time really watching any form of propaganda films and i found it very interesting how the American filmmaker used the same video clips form Germany, Japan and Italy but just changed the voice overlap.  I […]

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