• I have to agree on some blogs . this novel failed as an epic. For a novel to be epic shouldnt we see a hero saving people. no instead we read about some guy who thought he had all this power but didnt do anything about it. He just kept feeling sorry for himself and […]

  • I guess I’m wondering if Saleems life is going to continue to connect to India. Reading half way through the book I guess Saleem thinks he’s needed in India like he’s this important figure and that he has to be there. And another thing I want to know whats going to happen to Jamilia and […]

  • My favorite part of the book is at the end of book one. It’s  my favorite because that’s when we find out that Saleem was switched at birth. Padma starts accusing Saleem that he lied to her about his family not being blood related. But how should he know when he also just found out […]

  • I’m not sure who I agree with but I am more on the side of Saleem . Yes he may have misled her but it’s not his fault that he was switched at birth. They are his family but just not blood related and I don’t see anything wrong with that. These people are the […]

  • I believe that the reason Lola compared Trujillos to Dominicans because all the violence she’s seen. It seemed as though all her family was victims to violence . They don’t ever experience happiness ,it is always sad and down. They never can say they were truly ever happy.

  • The author starts off his book with a quote from the fantastic four. I dont find it surprising becasue Oscar Wao is a geek who loves the fantasy and sci-fi world. With that starting quote thats who Oscar wants to be ,he isnt a villian we see no sign in that. Wao wants to be […]

  • Louis is the character that really comes out . Kushner does not intend Louis to be seen as a heartless villain. Readers may see him as this bad guy. But he’s just a man on his journey but along the way he has made mistakes and I think he’s learning from them. If he makes […]

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    I like the end I wasn’t expecting that but for Sethe to finally let her past go was one of the best things she’s done . Now she can finall go on with her futur and not worry about the past . Her past tortured het and if she wasn’t going to let it go […]

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    I think Morrison wrote this story the way he did so that we the readers can keep what’s happening in our minds while the story keeps going on. The structure of it was so that we can know who they were before they became the way they did for instance Sethe. She murders her children […]

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    What is confusing is Morrison I think throws at you so many characters. I mean it’s a bit distracting because if a random name comes up then I kind lose track of what’s going on. And even with the setting yes their in a house but Morrison brings the past then present so it just […]

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    In regards to No name woman I think I have to trust the narrator . Yes she does make up things to better her aunt but maybe her mother exaggerated about her aunt so Kingston won’t turn out like her. Kingston makes things up I guess because she knew her aunt wasn’t all bad yes […]

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    The poem this be the verse was the strongest to me. The reason I say this because he’s talking about parents and we all can relate to it. Everyone has problems with their parents nothing is always peachy with them. And the weakest was we real cool because there is a a lot to say […]

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    I have read this poem about three times and Im still confused. But there is something as one of the responses did ask I was curious about the same thing when he said the word asterisks after mother . Was he trying to get us to notice something important ?

  • A good man is hard to find is not in the literal sense that this is what the story is about. We meet the grandmother who has nonsense come out of her mouth most of the time. She thinks she knows what she’s saying like when they get to the restaurant when she hears the […]