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    I must admit I did find the juxtapostion of the theme song with the screen writer too terrified to meet the author of the book amusing. Especially when theyh do finally meet and LaRoche is curious who will play […]

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    Yes, it was boring. All those earlier shots of the alligator’s, the misfired rifle shot, the speech before shooting the Kaufmans only to be interrrupted by the gator attack. Cliched, predictable, and boring in my humble opinion.

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    In response to the question you posed in the last paragraph of your post, “Is the point of the film to show that adding action sequences and love stories to film adaptations is the right decision?”, I would simply […]

  • In Adaptation, Charlie Kaufman tells McKee that the story is about disappointment.  He is describing the story of The Orchid Theif but in reality he is describing the story of Adaptation. Charlie, described by […]