• Modernity/Post Modernity sign- combination of a concept and a sound- image in terms of ‘essential’ or intrinsic nature and arbitrary. It is made up of the signifier and the signified. Signifier- the sound-image and the actual word itself. The signifier cues thoughts and images and is more stable. This allows for intrepretation of the word […]

  • Both Victorianne and Enes’ were extremely knowledgable of their cultural artifact and had a clear motive in mind when analyzing their text. In Victorianne’s draft, I think the commercials she choose clearly portray women as inferior to men and even as a punishment to be a woman. I also think that choosing popular commercials with […]

  • Occupy Wall Street Extra Credit: Regarding this excerpt Occupy Wall Street from the New York Times, there is a definite class system that arises that is clearly identified by a Marxist critic. There is the clear distinction of the prime two social classes; the Bourgeoisie and the Proletariat. The Bougeoisie, represented as the officials in […]

  • Cultural Artifacts: 1. The T.V Show Revenge:This show is about a woman who murders the indiividuals who plotted her father’s death while she was a child, witnessing the entire thing. This is an example of a woman taking on what most would normally consider a masculine role and being the dominant force and character throughout […]

  • I believe that an appropriate example of panopticism is one of the pasages that I will be discussing in my essay, on page 23. Mentioned on this page is the scene where Freslaven hammered the chief with a stick because he felt wronged in someway. In response and as a discipline, he killed Freslaven by […]

  • I very much agree with Jose’s analysis of Marlow in the story and his narrative purpose. I agree completely that Marlow is the only one of the four passengers that truly has a passion and follows the sea. He also seems the most wholesome of the group because he is the only man who went […]

  • This story “The Spectacles” is a hunerous story about love at first sight which is very unusual for Edgar Allen Poew to write about. Reading this story, there are many questions that arise that make you think about the true concept of both true love and infatuation and the fact of seeing and being blinded […]

  • With Reading ” The Man Who Was Almost A Man” by Wright, i felt it was very effective to read as a reader-responce critic, and not just because I personally feel it is the analytical approach that I feel most accustomed to. When reading this story, thye main horizon of expectation for me was when […]

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