• After reading the book, I went and watched the movie. I was a little confused here and there before and the movie cleared up a lot although it wasn’t as specific as the book was. The movie sort of cut a lot of the letters into pieces in order to fit them into the script. […]

  • I haven’t yet came up with a permanent thesis. I’m at a tug a war between the pros and cons of digital archives (databases). I do believe that by transferring documents into the digital world, it has granted researcher, students, and/or just curious people a much more easier life.  However, I do not believe that we should depend solely on databases […]

  • “Silences in the creation of sources, trouillot refers to plantations records of births in which slave births were not recorded until it was seen that the child survived.” – Bastian The “Whispers in the Archives: finding the voices of colonized in the records of the colonizer,” Bastian brings attentions to the pros and cons of […]

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    I agree. Took out the third stanza. lol

  • I’ve left early, so I haven’t done much research during the visit. I do remember the way the archives look though. The pagers were so delicate that I fear even touching it. Arlene Shaner had mentioned a lot of these pamphlets and books were published around the civil war in the 18th century therefore the quality of […]

  • Yesterday was my friend’s 21st birthday. She held the event at a Korean BBQ (all you can eat buffet) restaurant. Spend $30 watching everyone BBQ-ing meat on the grill in the middle of our table, while I was eating salad, corn, and korean cold noodles, “japchae.” I don’t know if any of you have even […]

  • Haha… it’s alright. I understand what you mean when you say “wow is it hard.” I have tried converting friends and they couldn’t last even a meal without meat on their plate. But i’m glad that you’ve actually tried going through it for a week, even even had the thought on your mind for it […]

  • It’s like… the lover hasn’t left yet since the last line says she hasn’t yet said goodbye. but the word hope means he’s not completely hers either even though he says he loves her. Thats why he’s like a midnight sky. One that cant be tamed nor predicted.

  • the girl is sick of the bright sunlight and her lover is like the midnight sky that brings her refuge in a way.

    honesty, i have no idea what ive created. LOL

  • A secret, nah. Bewitched? maybe. More like… charmed. Charmed by the midnight sky, how bright the stars can shine. How the moonlight can keep the darkness from taking over. I chose midnight, because it brings a sense of mystery, adventure, thrilling feeling instead of the usual sun with clouds and birds. It also brings surprises […]

  • LOL! damn. u really like ur cheese!
    And i thought i was obsessed!
    btw… im allergic to soy. hates milk. and dislikes 50% of the vegetables out there including carrot! -.-

    isn’t that ironic? i dont know how i managed to stay a vegetarian.

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    “the word tofu nearly sent me running to the frig for the first leg-of-animal i could get my hands on.” LOL!!! you sound like my bf. I as a vegetarian gf tried to get him to join the club for a week and he couldn’t even handle two days. And you actually spit right in […]

  • i loved it! from beginning to end. it was all very interesting! haha. i cannot believe you haven’t had a carrot since 1999!!! I’m also interested to hear how ur “roomie” will manage to go 3 weeks as a vegan! Now, i’m a vegetarian, and even I dont think i can ever give up egg […]

  • One of the archives i wish to explore would be the 911 digital archive. here’s the site i found with pretty interesting resources. It contains emails, first hand stories, pictures, videos, documents and even sounds that has to do with the 911 attack. there was also another site, which was the 9/11 fact timeline. I’m […]

  • I found the way Baker set up her novel pretty interesting. I especially like how she began the chapters with Mawlana Mawdudi’s letter to Maryam Jameelah. Right from that letter, it gave readers a glimpses of what the entire novel would be about. Not that the title itself didn’t give it away. But placing Mawdudi’s letter […]

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