• jennylee commented on the blog post Julia Watson Excerpt 11 years ago

    Hey Lisa, while I respect your argument against Watson, I kind of have to disagree with your points… I didn’t find Fun House gimmicky, nor did I feel like her cartoon representations were serving “no literary purpose”… When flipping through Fun Home it may seem like a fast read because it just looks like a […]

  • jennylee commented on the blog post The Kiss… 11 years ago

    Yeah, I liked how Harrison chose to write about her family’s history to almost explain how her relationship with them ultimately shaped her, and, I think, still continues to shape her. And thanks for bringing up the epigraph, after finishing the book and going to back to it, I can better understand the connection between […]

  • Nice analysis of the portrait motif if “The Double Image” — it gave me another way to view at the portraits. And I’m so glad you picked out “The Moss of His Skin,” because it was one of the many poems in the collection that I found really disturbing yet beautiful…or maybe I just have […]

  • Yeah, before discussing the book in class, the section where she addresses her mom was one of the very few parts that I understood/connected with her, and I feel like her mom in many ways bridges her connection with her Korean identity. About the fragmented sentences, looking back, I kind of think it mirrors her […]

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