• Jerry Kokkinos English 379- Pacific Island Literature Documentation and Post-Project Reflection Documentation– notes taken throughout project, steps taken to achieve ultimate goal of raising awareness on a serious problem that affects so many aspects of our society   “In Food, Inc., filmmaker Robert Kenner lifts the veil on our nation’s food industry, exposing the highly mechanized underbelly that’s been […]

  • Jerry Kokkinos            Professor Agabian English 200W December 9, 2010 Personal Essay- Final Assignment                                   My Battle With Cancer             April 17 th, 2008.  The first thing I heard early that morning was a voice.  I didn’t know if I was dreaming but when I opened my eyes, I found my mother at my bedside.  I looked at […]

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    I also meant to mention the beginning countries of your journey, in Albania and then Russia. It seems like you are comparing the countries you have already visited to places you wish to visit one day.

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    I’m sure the world map would make your attempt at this assignment much more valid and interesting. I would again try to get this done before other classmates have to comment on your blog postings. I noticed that most people focused their poems on more than one place, as you do here; you etion Uruguay, […]

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    I feel like eveyone has been stressing over the final project because it holds a major part of our grade. I hope you got what you expected to when you first chose your topic. The terms from our class midterm definitely carried over into last Thurday’s final. I wish I had reviewed the terms from […]

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    Your cartoon does show the commercialized western influence we spoke about in class. The scene is shown in nature, a typical sunny day with green grass standing tall, as two farmers are in the process of planting seeds. I would make the picture bigger like you mentioned so that our other classmates who will comment […]

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    The project is probably the main focus for most of us, as we are so close to ending this semester. I think that your project went well; you focused on major issues and raised awareness of something we might take for granted sometimes. We have attended HIV information sessions throughout our academic careers, but that […]

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    A line of perfume doesn’t seem unreliastic since we are talking about New York. We live in what is considered the business capital of the world, and products sell like hot fire once trends are created. I feel that whether it’s an online social networking system or a new product for us to consume, there […]

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    Looking at your post again, it brought to mind a moment in this semester where you wrote somewhere on your blog that you love to travel. Maybe this map is the journey of the author’s past, ending with the place your family originates from and one of the most beautiful countries there is: Greece. Of […]

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    I really like how you gave a start and finish to your map. The locations you chose really differ and I’m wondering if you chose the path you did for any specific reasons. I think there is such a wide range in poetry that even images can be portrayed as the definition of a poem […]

  • As a transfer student, I was not required to do the CLIQ point events, but I would definitely get them over with if I were you. I hope your dealing with the new CunyFirst system well as we approach registration. I also tend to google things that I hear but have no idea what they […]

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    Nice looking garbage bag, but 50 dollars a bag is pretty steep. I’d like to know the western influence behind your advertisement, if there is one. Your focus on style and comparing people who have the product as superior or in this case more stylish symbolizes the focus of most advertisements. The companies want to […]

  • In David Stephen Calonne’s essay on creative writers and revision, we get exposed to different writer’s perspectives on what they think about revision.  The response that I was able to understand and relate to the most was one given by Ernest Hemingway.  He was quoted as saying he had to rewrite the ending to one […]

  • I completely agree with your analysis of the rate my professors website. It makes no sense to base your decision on another person’s opinion. We all learn differently and have our own preferences on how we wish to be taught. I have seen reviews on professors that were very negative, and yet when I decided […]

  • The literary blog “Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood” is a collection of stories on New York City community.  I enjoyed reading different perspectives on a variety of topics and authors with different writing styles.  The stories I found most compelling were the few I chose to read from the Astoria section of the blog, where I have […]

  • With only a few weeks left in the semester, there are some goals I’d like to accomplish.  These goals require the completion of major assignments in not only my English 379 course, but in my other classes as well.  In English 379, along with completing all my necessary blog entries and comments, I must study […]

  • English 379 Advertisement Blog

    This advertisement is an exaggerated and unrealistic portrayal of Dairy Acres, an agricultural phenomenon, where different types of cows roam and make different flavors of milk.  The owners know the high demand that exists for fresh milk and have decided to take their business worldwide.

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    The MTA has always been unreliable and it’s no wonder you are having trouble getting in contact with an employee. At least remain focused on what you can get accomplished in the meanwhile and save the interview as the last resort or aspect of your project that would have to be completed. It’s good that […]

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    I think your project helping charity while also raising awareness is amazing in itself. You should definitely try your best to arrange a free hour showing on your band and invite our class along with the rest of the Queens College family to come listen and enjoy your music. A charity set up on campus […]

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