jonathan kurzman

  • Chapter 42 Mr. Kurzman makes a point of trying to show that while yes Islamists are trying to create a world in which sharia law holds sway they also will not eschew modern technology.  He goes on to state that most Islamists are graduates of modern universities and that they have been thoroughly exposed to […]

  • Assignment 2 Ever since the beginning of media as we know it authorities have always tried to limit the flow of information to the public.  Nowhere is this more true than china whose communist regime continuously and vigorously censors the internet and imprisons Bloggers as if they were hardened criminals.  According to a New York […]

  • Jonathan Kurzman Heavy metal music has become global.  From its earliest origins Metal explored the darker realms of human emotion that the flower power psychedelic music of the time chose to simply ignore.   In 1968 a band called black Sabbath pioneered a sound that would shape the imaginations of millions and spawn an entirely new […]