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  • Daniel H. Wild was quoted as saying “The process of revision allows room for correcting sentence-level errors, but the emphasis in the development of critical thinking skills lies in the act of revision, of reseeding one’s written work, illumined by assertions, commentary, and classroom debates.”(23) This shows that he felt that revision proce…[Read more]

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    For Brad’s notes i thought that it was a very good move to include a precise definition for Kino-Pravda right off the bat so that people knew what kind of film it was going to be. It was a good synopsis of the film and really shown off the greatness of the film.

  • Russ I think how you made your program notes are very funny and you can write in many different ways that helps make an assignment that is normally plain and dull into something way beyond that. The notes you wrote about my film are more interesting then the film itself and that is something you […]

  • I am very glad that you mentioned the first bank robbery because that is one of my favorite scenes on the movie just because of how funny it is in such a serious movie. When Clyde holds up the then dry bank and the teller is just so calm about having a gun to him […]

  • I have to totally agree with you when it comes to the additional ending. I really like the idea of how Seigel wanted the movie to end on the low note of the aliens taking over because it is all to nice and neat to have the government know about it and him in the […]

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    I agree with you in how Psycho was really a scary movie but instead of using gory scenes and blood it used music and lighting. The movie was one of my favorites this semester and it was generally creepy just with the presence of Norman and his awkwardness toward Marion. The animals in the office […]

  • Sir, you are a true champion for doing this film analysis and in an interesting manner. We discussed this as your paper and I would have never thought it could work this well but you managed to tell the truth when you mention’d it was like an acid trip because honestly it is. The partial […]

  • After watching Bonnie and Clyde directed by Arthur Penn I realized why we watched it as out last movie and it was because we were saving the best for last. This movie had many key elements in it that include the great use of humour that breaks up all the killing and robbing that occurs, it also […]

  • The film Bonnie and Clyde, directed by Arthur Penn was released in 1967 by Warner Brothers and since then has become a classic among film lovers. The movie points out a certain theme throughout the whole movie and that is how much Bonnie and Clyde love each other no matter what situation. The scene that I […]

  • In Invasion of the Body Snatchers directed by Don Siegel in 1956 was a cinematic masterpiece for its time and continues today to be thought as one of the best horror movies. The movie was filled with great scenes that were not only scary but also thrilling. Important aspects of the movie included the score of […]

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    •SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL• Frank Smullen:“The Tubes” Directed by Russell Weinberg Original Film by Russell Weinberg Program Notes This film by Russell Weinberg is just another example of how he manages to show off his talent and expertise in this wonderful film entitled Frank Smullen:“The Tubes” that was released on December 1st 2010 as part of […]

  • Introduce Russell’s film by director. stars in the film, who filmed it year it was made ect. personal feelings of the film (why it is good and in what ways) setting (when, where it was filmed and why there) talk about why the film exists and some key points of the film what was the […]

  • My favorite part of my video is toward the end leading to the end credits because when i inserted the observational documentary I put over it I put in a string only version of Elenore Rigby which sounds beautiful and is pleasing to the ears, then after that I made sure to put in some […]

  • Very informative as others said and yea I do love the irony of the whole thing while you were filming it was one of the windiest days we have had this semester. You did a great job with the facts that you found out and the interviews were very well filmed and you found some […]

  • Song: Good Vibrations Artist: The Beach Boys Album: Smiley Smile Year: 1967 This is a classic song from the Beach Boys and has to be considered one of the best American made songs from the 1960’s. The song was only released as a single for quite some time but was finally released on an […]

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    I agree 100% with Jenny, i loves how you did the intro to the movie because it gave a great sense of atmosphere to the whole project and you managed to show off not only your art piece but other art pieces on campus giving it not only your piece of art but also showed […]

  • Song: Song 2 Artist: Blur Album: Blur Year: 1997 Another English band is in the spotlight today with Blur with one of their most famous songs that they have recorded. The song was created to be in parody of American Grudge music but ironically because embraced by the radio stations that it was trying […]

  • Song: Float On Artist: Modest Mouse Album: Good News for People Who Love Bad News Year: 2004 “Float On” is the first big hit for Modest Mouse was written in an entirely new mindset from previous music that came out by the fact it was intended to sound more uplifting instead of sad and […]

  • Certain features of programs notes should be how long we have been working on our pieces of art because that will show that we have been invested in one piece of art for a long time. Another thing that should be identified in the notes would be if you use the vending machine gimmick is […]

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