• Yeah I agree. It’s interesting how David Bowie was not just a performer but a true artist, in that, his songs, the way he dressed and his fashion statement was just mind-blowing. It was a very different look especially during the 80s. Glam rock back then made a huge impact on not only the music […]

  • It’s interesting how indie rock chooses to be different, but at the same time, wants to sort of break into the mainstream music. But at the same time, it’s just a genre to categorize them after all, I agree. It’s also hard for many indie rockers because, when they go underground, they don’t really get […]

  • Nice intro, sounds very nostalgic. Yeah, I remember when stereos and sony walkmans were still in, and not that many people listened to it unless they were traveling for a long period of time. But it seems nowadays, almost everyone has their ipods and music blasting! I agree that they appear to be living in […]

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    Oh wow this is a very thorough analysis. I liked how you described a lot of detail and background information about the song. I didn’t know the chorus part was from country music, that’s interesting. The song is very intense and emotional even though most of it is done in rapping. It starts off slow […]

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    It’s interesting to see how far back Rock ‘n’ Roll actually started and how much the genre of rock music has evolved today. I agree that Rock ‘n’ Roll was a way to express oneself through music and dancing, even though the lyrics might not have made much sense. It was for people to enjoy […]

  • Interesting intro/narrative. I agree that it was hard back then to achieve fame and popularity all at once, but Jack Johnson did not give up on his dreams and he was able to pull through in the end. By using his leadership skills in an efficient and effective way, Johnson was able to reach out […]

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    Yeah I agree that it can become a little complex when trying to decide whether or not covers are legit or not. I think it depends, as there isn’t really a fine line to determine it, which is interesting. Some people could say that covers are a tribute to the artist while others can disagree […]

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