• I think this song could have multiple meanings, not just relationship-wise but it can be more personal. It can be about one’s life and the passage of time, the trials that he/she is going through, as well as sacrifice. That, one, ‘had to fall to lose it all, in the end it doesn’t even matter’. […]

  • This is a very thorough analysis. I liked how you gave a lot of background information as to how the band formed and what inspired Gwen Stefani to write the lyrics. I remember listening to this song for the first time when I was little, and it immediately stuck to me. It was a very […]

  • Hitchcock was indeed deeply interested the various psychological aspects of the human mind, and such elements are clearly illustrated in his films. It’s interesting you mean about fear, I guess Hitchcock really wanted viewers to truly experience what’s it like to be in a frightful situation through the presentation of horror/suspense films.

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    Yeah, I agree, with the French New Wave, Godard takes a totally different approach to filmmaking, by altering the traditional styles of film. This then opens up various opportunities and ways of creating art form.

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    Interesting approach to the reading/film. I agree how ‘Vertigo’ had a lot of psychological elements to it and can be read in numerous ways using several approaches. Yeah, In the beginning, Madeline appears to be manipulating Scottie, but then towards the end, there is an reversal, where Madeline/Judy is controlled by Scottie, traditional female role; […]

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