• “In the near future, digital technology will supplant print-based technology as the medium of scholarly publication.” (McGann 184) It is easy for me, because of my experiences in a masters and as a technology teacher, to play chicken-little. But beware, it is even easier for my colleagues to cast me as some kind of a […]

  • Here’s my excuse! Five days to read and two days to post does not work for me like I guess it didn’t work for some others here. Maybe because the weekend is the worst time to post on a blog? I kind of know. For me, the reading should have been done by Tuesday night […]

  • OK, then I misquoted you and that bit about Wikipedia is something I agree with. Please don’t mistake me for one who takes your commentary lightly or for granted.

  • S, I love what you’ve done here, don’t get me wrong. You said, “Gee goes beyond the simplicity of the game and is able to relate it to the critical analysis skills that one will need to survive in life.” I think more than anything, that is what teaching with tech. is all about. You […]

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    Mobrien, I like what you say here. There is only one flawed statement. You ask what will students do when “they do not have access to” the technology”? The flaw in this thinking is that they will, in their lives, have more and more technology and will never be faced with that situation outside of […]

  • From the article: “An American child could go to a public school run by Pearson, studying from books produced by Pearson, while his or her progress is evaluated by Pearson standardized tests.” – G. Collins

    Wow. Again, do educational leaders who use outside standardized tests support the teachers in their schools? You cannot argue yes.

  • Safaarah, when you say “the ELL teacher works,” do yo mean that there is only one? Just interested.. As for the rest of your comment, I agree that they should not be treated second class in any way. I couldn’t be happier with the way our school addresses the ELL student situation. We have at […]

  • After taking Edmund Epstein’s grammar class at Queens, I feel like I have a tool in my language arts kit that nobody else has. I learned from that class how grammar can affect the line writing of poets and wordsmiths. The highlight of the course was definitely Epstein’s choices of masterful poetry, served up as […]

  • I too heard about this test question. It is just more reading and writing for points, not for a real-world purpose. Silly fables. Why not use a straight-forward story in that question’s place? I guess most of you realize that I have been talking with my co-workers all week about this stuff (there are over […]

  • If Brannon’s version of “America’s promise” about education is a privilege, then what is next? What does that set up? I like what you brought up here. It would be quite a privilege to be guaranteed a free education that improves your life and the lives of everyone around you. Sounds great! When groups like […]

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    I’m glad we are on the same page here: “not to say that these authentic writing assignments cannot be designed to address standards.” You seem to agree with me that it is totally possible to have real-world writing assignments that conform to standards. You also said that “To Brannon, standards are not suggestive and helpful […]

  • One of the major tenets of both articles from this week’s reading is that authentic writing experiences rather than academic exercise are the best way to enrich and inspire students to do their best work. I agree that we should not always be gearing up (prompting) to hit the mark, choose the right answer, or meet […]

  • I too enjoy Haswell’s assertion that the more we teach the less they learn. I think this is why the change in pacing, mini-lesson, workshop models (Aim: Task: Mini: Model: Work Time: Close:) and all other little nuances cam about. They dissected our 41 minute periods and tortured a confession out of every pathetic minute […]

  • Agreed about content. When I learned that writing a successful novel was about an editor chopping half of your book away, it changed the way I looked at reading and writing for good.

  • I must confess .. this week my post was a softball for Williamson to knock out of the park, as she just did. My whole point was that the strategies used in the town school likely produce a more balanced and productive learning environment for the students who are struggling. I am only grateful for […]

  • Most authors would agree that formulaic writing means writing with guidelines that are rigid and structured. Most of them would also agree that structured and systematic writing processes impede any free-flowing or stream-of-conscious style which is what gives writing a voice, intrigues an audience, holds the attention of the reader, and takes Booth’s rhetorical stance. […]

  • Any outsider would say that this is a well planned assignment. Not playing either. We have really come together to do something great here.

  • The Bean is working toward breaking down my preconceived notions that middle school and graduate level learning is unequal. The Bean is really on when he speaks to teaching educators on the first few pages of Chapter 5. He illustrates the effect of slight variations in assignment design on faculty. From his experiment with the […]

  • To Rachel’s question of why Booth is in the field: On the first page of the assigned reading, Booth gives an example of his student who wrote an exposition that was hardly worth reading but resounded and dazzled with passion and conviction in a critique he gave. That student had a talent for arguing/proving points. […]

  • First to Guadalupe; ELA teachers in my school (6th – 8th) are seriously discouraged in giving choices. We may set it up so that students (especially those with advanced skills) think they have a choice, but with differentiated assignments, choice is barely existent. For instance, in a persuasive writing unit, the teacher or ELA department […]

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