jorge cruz

  • Reading Michel’s Foucault’s, what is an Author? gave me an insight into a  literary approach to a concept that we regard usually  as “common” sense. Author is a word that is usually used without giving it a s […]

    • Good point in bringing up how sometimes the author is viewed as such an uncomplicated thing. ALL writers of ANY text is an author right?… Why should we delve into a deeper meaning? I agree that Foucault is trying to challenge the reader when interpreting written works.

      I think you had a great insight when you mentioned Foucault’s explaining “…that there’s no such thing as a theory of ‘work’ and those who have to take on the practice of editing works do it without theory. This instantly made me think of Percy Shelley as the editor of Mary Shelley, and how different the novel Frankenstein would have been if Foucault edited it.” The connection between Foucault and Frankenstein was very clever, it’s too bad we’ll never know Foucault’s thoughts on it.