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  • It was interesting how you mentioned that it was the second film that has done in color we watched in this semester and some background information about the color technology that is used in this film.

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    This scene is the best example of “female gaze”. The audiences not only watched what she sees but also heard the woman’s thoughts and interpretations about what’s going on.

  • I chose this scene for assignment#2 as well. I enjoyed reading how you analyzed in different way and with more details than me haha

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    We all think differently but I think you had a good interpretation about what the mask represent.

  • Since I had no idea about the plot of this film before I watched, when Marion, the girl who considered as a main character from the beginning, got killed in less than halfway through the film, I was one of those people who were confused and wondering what’s gonna happen and lead this film to […]

  • I like how you found this kind of different gaze. Your post reminded me of the whole last scene, how the boy followed the father and the father just rushed to get out of the boy’s gaze. And as the father represents the developed countries, I thought of the father/developed countries, trying to avoid the […]

  • Thumbnail In Hollywood, male’s role as a controlling protagonist has not been changing a lot until present-day. With the uses of formal film techniques, filmmakers influenced on people’s perceptions of male/female character. Laura Mulvey’s theory of the male gaze explicates the tendency of reinforcing the male perspective in those cinema works. Elements of cinema such as […]

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    Thumbnail  Double Indemnity (1944) This scene i s where Walter realizes that Phyllis needs him to kill her husband. It takes place at Phyllis’ living room and Walter gets out from her house. -MCU, straight on, low-key lighting, soft focus, short take. Walter talks to Phyllis. Phyllis’ back is showed a little on the right side of the frame. […]

  • Some people posted that they heard about the movies we watch since they all are really famous and remarkable pieces not only in the past but also in modern. However,  I’ve never heard about any movies what we watched. Everything we see and learn is totally new to me. That’s one of the reasons that makes this […]