• Jose Ruiz English 170W Diction -The choice and use of words in writing or speech -The manner of uttering or enunciating words and sounds Allusion –is a literary device that stimulates ideas, associations, and extra information in the reader’s mind with only a word or two. -Its means reference. It relies on the reader being […]

  • Jose Ruiz English 170W Marxist Criticism sees society economic structures as a foundation on which society thinks. In the book Turn of the Screw Mrs. Grove looks up to the governess because she had a higher social rank. According to both Emina and Anne Marie I agree that Marxist Criticism has many similarities with the […]

  • Jose Ruiz English 170W Response to Question 1 In the book Turn of the Screw the Governess, Mrs. Grove, Flora, and Miss Jessel are four female main characters throughout the story. The Governess and Mrs. Grove are two women from different generation that one obtains power by controlling the illiterate. The Governess and Mrs. Grove […]

  • Jose Ruiz English 170W Group1 My Group and I were responsible for pages 27-29. In passage on page 27-28 we concluded two binary that were Civilized/Savages and Good/ Evil. In the quote “They shouted, sang their bodies streamed with perspiration, faces like grotesque masks, had bone, muscle, and a wild intense energy” the natives were […]

  • Jose Ruiz English170W Part 1 In the story “Heart of Darkness” it talks about Marlow and four other passengers embarking to Thames hoping to find trade and exploration. Charles Marlow was described as the only man who still followed the sea. He was also described as a wander. In the quote “he was the only […]

  • Jose Ruiz English 170W “The Spectacles” by Edgar Allan Poe talks about Napoleon falling in love with a woman at first sight. He goes on and explains how beautiful she is. I agree with Jennifer and Victoriane point that he was blinded because he couldn’t see without his glasses. Napoleon thought he found the love […]

  • In the story “The Man Who Was Almost a Man” by Richard Wright was about a boy named Dave trying to become a man. Dave wanted to buy a gun from Joe but needed two dollars for it. Dave went to his mother and begs her to give him two dollars to buy a gun. […]

  • Jose Ruiz English 170W “The Formalist Critics” by Cleanth Brooks, he talks about literature is written to be read. A critic knows literary work is just somewhat potential until, a reader is able to re-create in their minds, their ideas. Brooks also explain how the thinking process of an author takes away the critic away […]