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  • This ongoing project captures the lives of those who go unnoticed on a daily basis.  It is often that these people are not given the time of day, and their voiced are rarely heard.  Through this project I hope t […]

  • As I continue to frequent the area of which I wrote my first assignment about, I have noticed a similar form of demographics that takes place in that area.  The commune where my friends lived is no longer there. […]

  •     My skateboard and my camera act as a magnet, as they gravitate toward the unnoticed, I am always ready to capture it.  I arrive at McCarren park, where a friend of mine often skated.  A man was sitting down […]

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          I leave the skate park to get a drink at the nearby bodega.  I walk in and out walks Chance.  A lanky man with no shirt.  I gave a friendly nod as we walked past each other.  I got my tallboy and made my way […]

  •      I approach the man taking up half of a bench on the subway.  I watch as people enter the train and immediately exit due to the rancid smell coming from the innocent man.  He’s done nothing wrong, he’s j […]

  • It was my last day in Rosarito.  I woke early that morning and left the hotel to get some breakfast.  I roamed the desolate streets with my camera in hand.  Like a soldier in battle, I was limited to 12 sh […]

  • I think this story is very relevant today. I often let my close friend pass through the turnstile with me, knowing that if we were to get caught we would most likely be granted a ticket. The thing that bothers me the most is how difficult they make it. Its not as if everyone gets payed enough to own a home in midtown and can buy monthly metro…[Read more]

  • In regards to public space, a major ongoing issue is militarization.  It has been heavily increasing, especially in the gentrifying neighborhoods.  There is only so much we can to prevent this from happening, a […]

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    Coming from California, it is hard for me to fully grasp what the neighborhoods and boroughs were like back in the day. Besides photographs, I don’t have a great understanding of this never ending gentrification. I feel like your blog post made it clearly stated that sSnnyside is being rapidly gentrified. I have noticed that many parts of…[Read more]

  • The union is a huge contributor to the equalization of the job market.  De-unization will only worsen the already large income inequality gap.  Unions help to increase wages as well as employee benefits.   […]

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    The North American Free Trade Agreement is a deal made between The United States, Mexico and Canada.  The goal was to allow all forms of trade to happen between the three countries.  It eventually created an o […]

  • For this assignment I decided to do some further research on the feminist movement. I have just recently become more exposed to feminist ideals and it has urged me to learn more about the movement.

    The movement […]

  • Economic inequality has greatly raised in the past decade. It is not only proven by facts, but it is very evident throughout everyday life. In my opinion, the majority of this economic inequality stems from the never ending racial inequalities and discrimination that has been apart of our county for ever. Even those who are lucky enough to find…[Read more]

  • Starting at Hewes st., I walked down union to Bedford avenue, where McCarren park lies.  I often frequent this area and have made a few friends in doing so.  One of these friends is Christian. Christian lives a r […]

  • In Goldsmith and Blakely’s article, we are shown three different perspectives on why poverty exists. The first, and most common perspective is best known as “judging a book by its cover.” Many people make assumptions based off of looks, but these assumptions are usually in accurate. From my experience as a photographer, I have really gotten to…[Read more]

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