• Your posts are always so much fun to read! I’m only 20, so although we have a record player in our house, it’s more of a museum piece for show than anything else. Cassettes never really had much of a place in my life. I remember yanking the tape out and playing with it and […]

  • Yay, it’s indie music week! This is what I’ve been waiting for – to be able to talk about my favorite genre. Basically, I’m an indie music aficionado. It always satisfied me in such a way that no other genre could quite manage. It’s oddly satisfying – as a celebration of weirdness, indie music gives […]

  • Video games are really moving to the forefront of media, and with it, so is the music tied to them. I agree with Collins- the soundtrack is the most important marketing tactic used to sell the game. People spend so much time playing video games, getting ones music onto the soundtrack of a game is […]

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    Your note about how Bowie considered himself more of an actor than a rock artist is very interesting. His costumes are certainly reminiscent of something one would wear in a play about Halloween futurism or something else completely wild than to put on a rock show. There are performers now who imitate Bowie’s theatrical style. […]

  • Good comment on how fashion was used to distinguish groups. Both Bowie and the Sex Pistols used fashion to shock and create interest. Fashion says so much about a person or a group, schools institute uniforms in order to make everyone look exactly the same. They try to work against the notion of distinguishing oneself […]

  • Tricia Henry Young wrote an academic article about the Sex Pistols. There are worse ways one can spend their time than reading about the most notable punk band of the 1970s. The Sex Pistols were the “punkiest” punks and “baddest” bad boys on the scene, to the point of extreme. They represent the misfit, nonconformist […]

  • Pages 308-312 in Miller tell the story of how punk rock was actually a revolt against the studio-engineered sound of disco. Prior to coming to this class, I thought I knew a bit about the general histories of my favorite genres of music, but I was clearly mistaken because I have been learning so many […]

  • Great points! Independent music is the best music out there, in my opinion. Like Sara said above, getting through the teenage years would have been near impossible if not for some of my favorite bands (see The Libertines for example- they are fabulous). Not only would we not have had bands like the Jackson 5 […]

  • This is a very interesting article. I’m a huge fan of indie music and have always said that the music found on independent labels is better than on major labels because the indie labels don’t try to change and “own” the artist like the major labels attempt. An artist being left to oneself to make […]

  • Your little personal anecdotes are adorable. I think every little kid has the “fame fantasy,” but those who actually do attain fame and fortune rarely do good things with it. I agree with your view that celebrities who use their status to create change are wonderful. If only we had more people around like Jack […]

  • Bringing up the point that WWII halted technology is interesting. The sound industry was at the beginning of big things at this point, and it all had to come to a screeching halt because of the war. I wonder if the war had never happened, what sort of revolutionary discoveries about sound could have happened […]

  • Music marketing practices, past, present and future. Mass music marketing began with the rise of the middle class, towards the end of the 18 th century, when a mass market appeared. In the modern age, Internet marketing has overtaken promotional practices. My paper will analyze and discuss marketing techniques developed and employed by specific artists (including The […]

  • The 1930s brought technological improvement. Among these improvements was the loudspeaker. The three-way speaker was launched in 1931, dividing sound into three frequencies, with each band sent to three transducers, each individual transducer intended to work best with high, medium and low frequencies. Soon, this system was used all over the world. Today, we have […]

  • Nice analysis! I feel like it is so important for artists to come out and say exactly what they’re thinking. By doing so, they inspire others to decide on opinions and think about whether they agree or disagree.

  • I’m not terribly into Hebrew/Jewish music, despite having lots of contact with the genre during my 13 years of yeshiva education, but I really enjoyed your analysis. I love theorizing about the mysteries of the future and this song would definitely spark such a discussion. The way the Hebrew and English verses are laced together […]

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    Without sound, the movie industry would never be what it is today. I collect soundtracks and I’ve come to the conclusion that without a soundtrack, a movie would only have a fraction of the impact. I believe that everyone should see “The Jazz Singer” to get an idea of how we arrived at where we […]

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lG3nXyI41M The diamond in the crown of the 1960’s musical British Invasion would largely be considered to be The Beatles, an English rock band formed in Liverpool in 1960. Before The Beatles, rock music was rather rigid, wooden and almost formal, as was the world’s atmosphere at the time of the 1950’s. The Beatles brought the […]

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