• Good point about artists losing creative control over their recordings. As time has passed, artists have been forced into signing over artistic control to companies who control not only how they sound, but also their complete image. Major labels these days try to “create” someone who doesn’t even exist. This is exactly why I prefer […]

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    I find your idea about the desire to “push the envelope” being the catalyst that causes technological change very interesting. I also wonder what the world would be like if people didn’t have that spark of ambition inside of them that caused them to want to be better than those with whom they competed. We […]

  • Ted Vincent, who has published several articles about the social aspects of the Jazz Age, writes about the Chicago community that played a large role in forming the Jazz Age. The South Side of Chicago housed the cabarets and dance halls where jazz and blues stars became famous, but the article specifically notes that the […]

  • Steve Albini, most known for producing Nirvana’s In Utero , has written an essay about how kids hoping to hit it big are virtually forced to sell their souls to the music industry for mere pittance. The industry lackeys sent to represent the industry are young, hip, and have indie cred. They are present in order to […]

  • Hi there! I’m a music lover and Media Studies major from Long Island. Some of my favorite artists are The Libertines,  The Strokes, Pink Martini, Regina Spektor, The Beatles, The Kinks, M83, Edith Piaf,  and zillions of others. There is a continuous soundtrack playing in my head. I have been playing the piano for thirteen years […]