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  • Have you ever asked yourself, why is it that no matter how hard you work your still living paycheck to paycheck? I mean even the most devoted dedicated work-acholic these days still seems to be struggling to […]

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  • Name: Mia Narvaez

    Class: Urban studies 101

    My Reflection 1

    Upon choosing to take a walk through my neighborhood I couldn’t help but to take notice to my neighbor’s garden. I couldn’t understand why n […]

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  • Thesis – done. Final exam – check. Honors Conference – yep. Two semesters of mixing it up with a class of smart, funny and caring people – priceless.

    I remember our first class. Professor Tougaw was wearing his […]

  • I have done my share of public speaking over the years. I have given laity sermons at church and have participated in poetry nights where the audiences were made up of both poets and non-poets alike. When I was […]

    • Hi Lisa! Can you just transfer some of that confidence to me the next time we sit together? I also have no doubt that you will do absolutely great. Preparation is definitely a huge part of doing well when it comes to public speaking. Although that rarely works to relinquish my nerves, I rest assured that almost everyone will forget about my presentation after a day or so. Although, I should be hoping that it makes an impact right? I’m at least glad that Professor is having us practice, so we can begin getting more confident with discussing our material.

    • As predicted, everybody did a great job. People are still talking about how great the conference was.

  • I was immensely inspired by the testimonies of recent QC English Honors grads. Their range of experience and their admitted ties to QC  are what I want to hear, right about now. Their lives have taken them […]

    • I look forward to the day when you all send me similar reports on your exciting experiences.

  • When I can’t sleep, I remember it.

    Nights long past, remain in mind refreshed

    So that I can feel the setting summer sun slanted on my

    pajamaed shoulders,

    Permission granted after bath and brush to r […]

  • (Sorry, everyone, for the long post. I don’t have time before the exam to take excerpts from my presentation, so you’re getting the whole thing.)


    Anglo-Saxon exemplary Poetry of the Seventh Century […]

  • Lisa Patterson Lay wrote a new post, Exam Plans, on the site BrainBlog 6 months ago

    Sorry this is late. I have been under the weather for a few days.

    For the final exam, I will most surely be prepared to talk about the following Main Texts (in no particular order):

    Incidents In the Life […]

    • Hey Lisa,

      It looks to me like you have a nice variety of texts that you are going to be able to use during the exam. You have short works, novel length works, and a lot of secondary sources that all look like they will be helpful. Your flexibility plans look great, and I’m sure as we talk about the texts more in the next few weeks you will make even more connections. Reading your ideas has been helpful to better form my own strategy, so thanks! I’m looking forward to talking about all these works more with you!

      Hope you’re feeling better!

    • Hello Lisa! Sorry I am just commenting on your post. Since you’re considering combining Incidents with Invisible Man and Gwendolyn Brooks’ poems, Du Bois could be helpful with doing a reading on racial identities. As for Sui Sin Far’s short story and Roy’s God of Small Things, you could also use theory to discuss the way these girls navigate this cultural division as females (or do a reading using Said’s Orientalism). In response to your final question, I would typically say avoid including the author’s personal lives into the analysis of the texts. But in a way, they both already do this (mainly Fun Home). It would be fun to see if you could do a historical reading on how each writer relays ideas about sexuality through their text, based on the significantly different periods that they were writing in.

  • This was the written notes for my Theory presentation on Homi Bhabha’s essay. I chose the Jacobs book from our exam list as my example of his theories.


    Theory Presentation: Using The Introduction to Homi […]

  • Lisa Patterson Lay wrote a new post, I Feel a Draft, on the site BrainBlog 7 months ago

    This is my checklist (not in any particular order) for what I am working on to improve and expand my essay:

    Critiquing Grandin’s writing/speaking style, since this paper is meant to be (at least in part) […]

    • Silberman should be able to help you with the neurodiversity angle–and the idea that autism is a neurological difference, rather than a disease. The Joseph Straus article can be helpful with that too.

      The title of this blog post is ominous! And clever. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. Or anywhere close.

    • I updated this entry a bit and changed the ominous title.

    • Well, that’s your call. I thought the ominous title was kind of funny, but this is more straightforward, so maybe that’s good.

    • Hi Lisa
      I want to thank you for all of your kind and helpful comments on my paper. That being said, I like the thought of finding counterarguments to Grandin and company’s claims. While you could find some useful information in the neuroscience arena as you have said, you can think about finding other individuals on the autism spectrum who do not share the same kind of experiences with animals. Also, I think that you may want to add analysis of sources to your list, so you remind yourself to always have the final word after utilizing a source. That’s all! Hope this helped.

      P.S- I feel a little out of the loop. What was this ominous title that you are referring to? (Just me being inquisitive).

    • Hey Lisa!

      This looks like a really helpful and concise checklist. It gives you a lot of really concrete, doable tasks to accomplish before our next draft is due. It looks like what you are planning to do will really add to your paper! Happy writing!

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