• I also agree. Bonnie and Clyde was the best film of the semester. I also agree that the death at the end was very shocking and unexpected.

  • I thought the scene with the police officer was hilarious. i would never think that they would’ve been so bold that they would’ve went there. while they were doing that i was thinking “oh sh*t what if that gets them caught?”

  • This is actually one of the rare movies where you root for the bad guys and you actually feel for them as well during every step of the movie thinking “are they going to survive this encounter?” i do agree. this was the best screening in this class and the professor did save the best […]

  • I also totally forgot about this scene. Very comical. That and usually the scenes with Blanche were hilarious. her yelling and freaking out were among the most comical scenes in the movie.

  • That death scene is burned into my head as well. but not because it was violent but just the way it was shot. It was perfect to use slow motion to kind-of shock the viewer that what their seeing is real.

  • I honestly just wanted to post this when i had enough time. which due to my schedule is the day of the due date, well at least some people can read this. I will say that one of the the things that this class has done for me mentally is made me not so biased […]

  • The scene in which I’m going to be analyzing is from the movie psych. The in which I’m going to be talking about is the famous shower scene that has been this movies biggest draw. In fact this scenes popularity caused it to be not only replicated, but parodied years later. This is the reason […]

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    Wow. You review of this is amazingly point on. Every time i tried to pick something out to say about it that your probably would’ve missed, i ended up reading it in the next sentence or paragraph. Good work bro. I need to take some pointers from you with your style of posting.

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    Whenever I think of mother India, two words usually comes to mind: OVER DRAMATIC. I’ve watched this film back to front and I see why this film is called the mother of all melodramas. To make a long story short, the first three quarters of this movie will make you sad. everything just moves so […]

  • My blog post today is about the movie Invasion of the body snatchers. Now I don’t know if it’s because this is a more recent movie or if it just might have been overall a good movie but I think this was the best movie I’ve seen in this class this semester. I enjoyed this […]

  • I have seen Umberto D quite a few days ago and I honestly thought this was the worst movie I seen this semester. To me the plot was just moving way too slow for me. Not only that, I understood the plot from the beginning of the movie which already informed me what this movie […]

  • Citizen Kane was a film I’ve constantly heard about for years. Most likely the reason i have heard of it so much was because of the fact that I always had an admiration for movies. Not only that I have also heard a lot about this movie through the film classes that I have taken […]