• Throughout our lessons in “Techniques of the Observer” I have (no pun intended) opened my eyes to a whole new spectrum of vision.  Through such studies of Emerson, Turner, Dickinson, Holmes, Trachtenberg, James, and Ellison, I see the importance, the difference and the many levels of vision that control and encircle our lives, especially in […]

  • I found the book “Invisible Man” by Ralph Ellison to be a terrific read.  Instead of just giving a run-of-the-mill explanation of class and racial differences, it uses the idea of invisibility to express that gap in our society.  The narrator used other people’s opinions and ideals to seemingly define himself, for he saw himself […]

  • Jackie Weber Eng 391 Prof. Zino Final paper proposal Due: 4/28/11 For my paper I am going to focus on the fourth prompt: “I see what you say.”  I will be focusing on Turner’s paintings in comparison to essays by Emerson and poetry by Emily Dickinson. Between Turner and Emerson, I’m going to focus on […]

  • In “the Ambassadors” by Henry James, we are presented with a lead character, Strether, who’s attributes seem to fall short in comparison to his mind.  James uses Strether’s mind and thoughts as the true focus of his work.  The other characters aren’t really described, and when they are – they are described through the vision […]

  • Jackie Weber   Blog Post #4   Senior Seminar 391W             In Rebecca Solnit’s essay, “The Annihilation of Time and Space,” she brings forth both arguments for and against the theories portrayed by William James.  Most notably in the “against” camp is Oliver Wendell Holmes.  Holmes says, “Form is henceforth divorced from matter.  In fact, matter as […]

  • Jackie Weber   Blog Post #3   English 391W Professor Zino In Rita Carter’s, “Exploring Consciousness” and William James’ “the Principles of Psychology,” the authors are both examining and explaining the range of stages of consciousness.  According to James’ theories, our mind is able to focus on exactly what it finds interesting in viewing and studying while […]

  • HEY GUYS – don’t forget me (and most likely liza) will be outside of the cafeteria at 3 o’clock!! just look for the hair!

  • the Sublime Turn

    Visual Culturalists

    Horizon Line

    Transparent Eyeball

  •  Through his journal entries in, Complete Prose Works, Walt Whitman attempts to capture the memories of a historic moment through his writings; through his imagery, his literary techniques etc.  He describes in intimate details his time spent as a war nurse during the Civil War.  In correlation to the article, Albums of War: On Reading Civil War […]

  • Jackie Weber    Blog post #1                  Senior Seminar 391W    Professor Zino J.M.W Turner became one of the most prominent artists of the new Romantics movement; his works were sometimes seen as controversial due to his brush strokes and the ideals he was trying to portray on his canvas.  He modernized his works through his love for […]