• As you may have gathered from the size of the meals I host, I don’t cook all the food.  I like potluck meals, as they allow people to make the food they are most comfortable making, and no one has to be responsible for all the dishes. Of course, as hostess, it falls to me […]

  • Now that I’ve argued why I have seating arrangements, I thought I would dedicate a post to how exactly I arrange. First, a shout-out to my roommate. Without her, there is no way I could pull off any of my meals, but most importantly, there is no way I could arrange the guests. After we […]

  • One of the most unusual things about my meals is that I always, always, have seating arrangements. Most of the time I used to just point people to their seats before they sat down, although lately I have come to favor making some sort of name cards for each seat — sometimes as informally as writing […]

  • Guys! (or possibly just Professor Herzog, hi! :D) Grey Gardens, the film by the Maysles brothers that we spoke about in class is on Hulu , apparently until the end of the day! Apparently the Criterion Collection has their own channel on the site, which is pretty crazy. Most of the older classic films seem to go through that collection, […]

  • I know that probably no one is checking these anymore, but in the incredible off-chance, I though I would mention that a Satyajit Ray film is playing at the Film Society at Lincoln Center next week! Details can be found here. It’s part of a series on Scorsese’s influences, so it’s a really interesting mix of films […]

  • Bonnie and Clyde (1967) was directed by Arthur Penn, produced by Warren Beatty and distributed by Warner Bothers. The film tells a fictionalized account of Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker as bank robbers in the South during the Great Depression. The film was meant to appeal to audiences in a time of poplar anti-government sentiments and […]

  • I think the reason that films like Mothlight are so interesting has absolutely nothing to do with the film itself. If I hadn’t heard that interview clip before we heard the film, I would have hated it. As it was, I feel like it would be much cooler if it were displayed like real artwork […]

  • I also like the protagonist, and his unfailing politeness. I wish more movies starred men that acted like gentlemen. It’s especially interesting to compare to Film Noir stuff, which is also about masculinity in crisis bu tents to star these sleazy characters that you may root for but you would never want to have to […]

  • I was especially excited about the Avant Garde section of the screenings, because it’s not a type of film that I will probably seek out for myself. And it’s not really a type of film I enjoy more than others – I really like have a definite storyline in my films, and avant garde will […]

  • I finally found the article that I mentioned in class, so I wanted to share it:

    Bollywood Gay Film Hits Screens

  • jwolpoe wrote a new post, (no title), on the site Phallocentrism 10 years, 2 months ago

    After class today I was thinking about forcing gender binaries onto people, and I remembered a story I read in a blog a few days ago. (I can’t find the original link, but I’ll sum up the story.) Basically, the website DeviantART is a very popular art hosting website, for amateurs and professionals alike. When you […]

  • jwolpoe wrote a new post, Psycho, on the site Jacquie's QC Blog 10 years, 2 months ago

    This was my first time seeing Psycho all the way through, and whoa. First of all, the driving scene (which I have seen before, but without context) was absolutely brilliant -there is nothing inherently suspenseful about a woman driving a car, but the music was basically yelling, “THIS IS A SUSPENSEFUL AND TENSE EXPERIENCE.” And the […]

  • jwolpoe commented on the blog post Psycho!!! 10 years, 2 months ago

    It was also my first time watching Psycho and I was really happy there wasn’t a lot of gore. I found the suspense really captivating though. I jumped in my seat at least twice during the film, and a lot of that is completely due to the music. It didn’t just pull you into the mood […]

  • Whoa, I didn’t even think of that. I feel like re-watching the movie just to track the colors of clothes. The first time I noticed blue was in the opening sequence, actually. The outside (sky and shadows) were all blue which highlighted Kyle’s bright car. But the insides were all in shades of red or […]

  • The film I’m going to propose to explore is Pleasantville. A definite subplot of the whole movie is the relationship between mothers and their children. At the beginning of the film we see the portrayal of a “bad” mother, played by Jane Kaczmarek. She leaves her children for a night on the town, she doesn’t clean […]

  • It took me a minute when watching the film to realize that Marylee was Kyle’s sister, because while Kyle acted far rougher than his status, at least he typically wore suits. Marylee’s first outfit looked high-quaility enough, but it was so pink. And while the dress itself wasn’t very inappropriate, the way she wore it […]

  • I was reading this article on MPAA ratings and the brand-new “male nudity” designation. It gives a brief explanation of the history of ratings system and a very quick analysis of the portrayal of women in media. It’s a nice summary of some of the things we analyzed in class, but I think it’s important to read […]

  • Just stumbled on this fantastic letter from Charlie Chaplin to a fan in England in 1916. The intro gives a brief background on him, but check out the letter itself! The header alone takes up nearly half the page, and it’s stunning (if a bit ostentatious). I like how encouraging he was, and it’s almost cute […]

  • ThumbnailI went to an anime/manga convention this past weekend ( MangaNEXT in NJ, if anyone is curious). It’s basically a chance for fans of Japanese comics and animation to gather and talk about the stuff they love, buy fun stuff, see visiting guests from Japan and things like that. But while I was there I encountered a different […]

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