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    This is interesting, to me it sounds like Hilary Clinton was simply removed from the newspaper because she is a woman due to the fact that her clothing was considered to be appropriate. This is unfair to women in this community but as Friedman states, there is freedom of religion and ones beliefs shouldn’t be […]

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    Fashion is always changing, sometimes in new forms or going back to old forms of style. In the 80’s many women wore baggy pants and big crazy hair to match with this but nowadays the tighter women dress the better. Back then, if men wore a pair of skinny jeans they would probably be looked […]

  • It comes as a shock to us as people when we hear of a society that is totally different than our own. But what is different to one society is the norm to another. So it is important to keep ethnocentrism out of our minds as we look at other country’s through our own society […]

  • If unemployment continues to increase, the crime rate will increase as Jessica had mentioned in her comment. People will be undergoing a state of desperation which can cause them to turn to illegal activities as a way of making a living for themselves and their families. It’s unfortunate that migrant workers have to leave their […]

  • for the wrong reasons*

  • I also agree that some students go to college for the reasons but with the pressure of the economy this makes having a college degree mandatory as there is growing competition. As it is now, a Bachelors degree may not even be enough as anything higher than this is seen as better. I remember when […]

  • I am too, guilty of looking at how often attendance is being taken in class. In the beginning, since it is mandatory for most classes to have attendance called out or marked down I have to admit that I do come to class because I don’t want to suffer the consequences of having a lower […]

  • The problem with “rate my professors dot com” is that the students who typically comment and rate the professors on the website are usually the ones who either did very good or very poorly in the course. So, like everything you see on the internet, not everything you see is true plus everyones opinion is […]

  • With websites like ratemyprofessors.com it becomes easy for students to find out if they can take the “easy” way out of a class by doing research on the professor. Another thing that I can say will make students not show up to class or not take school seriously is when the course material is posted […]

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    I agree that people have a right to know what is occurring in the government of their country no matter how damaging that information can be. At the end the truth is being revealed and that’s what counts the most. No one likes to be the last to know things so I don’t think Wikileaks […]

  • I agree with you in that France isn’t justified in taking the right of wearing the veil, it should be a personal choice whether or not to wear it. The fact that France is taking away this right is unfair it’s like telling some one to stop being who they are because religion is what […]

  • In When a Jew is not Jewish, the story of Jonathan Levitt and how Jews who are not considered Jewish enough is revealed.  The principle of this is basically if you are not and Orthodox Jew, you aren’t realized in Israel unless you become an Orthodox Jew, which doesn’t seem to be pretty fair in […]

  • Charles Kurzman brings attention to how both Islamic liberals and radical Islamists seek to modernize society and politics. Because modern movements have taken  over, “traditionalist movements find it increasingly  difficult  to survive in a competitive religious environment”. Kurzman describes how the growth of secular education has led an expanding number of Muslims to approach religious […]

  • “Biblical stories of spies entering the Promised Land predate the present revolutionary technologies of boundary penetration and surveillace”. Monroe E. Price describes with this the feeling of threat that comes as a side effect with every new technology for transmitting information. The Internet poses this great feeling of threat with the double-sided idea of it being […]

  • In the “Hispanic Challenge”, Samuel P. Huntington writes about the influence of the inflow of Hispanic immigration and how it “threatens to divide the United States into two peoples, two cultures, and two languages.” As Huntington brought to knowledge that there are Latinos who have not assimilated yet to the U.S culture this brings the […]

  • “Social Networks, Social Revolution”, by Empire and Al Jazeera English, focused on the discussion of the freedom of access to the internet and how it has sparked a social revolution and whether or not this may be true. Although there are positives to social networking there are many negatives like the Egyptian government controlling what […]