• The theoretical perspective of Karl Marx’s idea has made him one of the most influential people in this world. He always believed the idea of making a change and having a ‘self-correcting’, yet ‘progressive’ attitude in how the world revolves politically, economically and socially. We all know that from Karl Marx’s political views, many governments […]

  • In the passage “Walking” by Henry David Thoreau, wilderness and civilization is two main themes that are brought up to his attention. He speaks for wilderness and the old world as an effort on preservation of nature. It is important to take Henry Thoreau’s criticism of society seriously and not take it for granted. Human’s […]

  • This story unfolds with a narrator playing the game of Monopoly. While playing, he talks about the physical parts of Atlantic City. Certain places with cities and street names that may sound familiar in the the game of Monopoly is derived off from certain areas across America. After reading this story, I just noticed I […]

  • The excerpt called Sonny’s Blues written by James Baldwin portrays the constant struggles faced by any teenager living in Harlem. The narrator in the story revealed his younger brother having difficulty in trying to escape a drug-addicting life because he was struggling as a teenager using and selling heroin. When the narrator had flashbacks of the […]

  • Readers can sense an emotional burden from the character and it’s attachment to physical objects. Jimmy intimate attachment to physical objects like pictures represent Tuans idea of intimate space, how his lack of comfort of needing pictures and physical objects show that he miss his intimate space back at home.

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    I enjoyed reading both post. I felt that post one was simple to read and much straightfoward. I agree with the author for post one that Jimmy Cross had an attachment and had intimacy for the ones he love back home. Cross getting rid of the pictures and letters by burning them shows that it […]

  • Post Seven       The chapter called “Time in Experiential Space” of Tuan’s “Space and Place” explains how people relate time with space. In everything humans do, they use their ideas of “movement, effort, freedom, goal and accessibility” as a way to define their life experiences of daily living (Tuan 118). The story of Ernest Hemingway’s […]

  • Post Six          Many of us who are exposed to a typical story written by Edgar Allen Poe know his style of writing. A short story that portrays his style of writing is “The Fall of the House of Usher” by Edgar Allan Poe. Known for his dark and horror-type writing, this story started off […]

  • In post number one, I felt that this post is profound and has a lot of meaning to it. Many people see space and time differently and some do not even think about whether if space and time even relate to each other. I like how post one includes an experiential perspective, relating to the […]

  • I enjoyed reading post one because of how the author used specific descriptions from the text. The author of post one used the symbolism of the house to describe the family and their relationship to the house. It explains the family’s ‘personality’ in a way and how that corresponds to the features of the house. […]

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        Blog 5- The Lottery                 In Shirley Jackson’s short story “The Lottery”, a tradition was introduced when all the people in the small town village gathered and participate in which seems to be a popular event. At first, the tradition known as the “lottery” seemed to be like any lottery. Like most readers assumed, […]

  • In the post one’s discussion, I feel like the post truly talks about the reality of the lottery. In the beginning, the person talks about how the symbolic meanings that are interpreted in different ways through the use of Tuan’s words. The person is explaining that in this world such as the community in the […]

  •      In the short story of Cathedral by Raymond Carver, the relationship of a wife’s husband and a blind man named Robert says a lot about someone who overlooks another because of a disability or what seems to be a disadvantage. The husband did hear a lot about the blind man before because of his wife, but […]

  •      In the short story called “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, the narrator seems to be an unhappy woman living in a temporary house, trapped with barriers that would limit her abilities to be free. Being a trapped woman with a nervous depression disorder, she is heavily scrutinized and looked down upon by […]

  • I find Post number two something that we as individuals could all learn. It is very important to know what the other person’s perspective is like, no matter what subject matter it is about. Despite any person’s disability, we should not judge someone by their cover. What i find fascinating in post number two was […]

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    I really liked post number one compared to post number two. Post number one started off very smoothly. Post one can be compared to as an essay. It started off with the introduction, the introduction of both books, and then with Kafka’s main focus. The second paragraph was well-written, talking about the similarities both Tuan […]

  •      “Spaciousness is closely associated with the sense of being free. Freedom implies space; it means having the power and enough room in which to act. Being free has several levels of meaning.”  This quote can be interpreted in many different ways. Taken from chapter five of “Space and Place” by Yi-Fu Tuan, it has […]

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    The author in post one gave an overall interesting, yet, unique perspective of Yi-Fu Tuan’s passage in chapter four of “Space and Place”, while making the connection to Le Guin’s short story, “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas “. I am sure we can all somehow relate or observe when a baby crawling, and […]

  • I agree with Brian Finnerty’s blog and can relate to myself. Mister Finnerty mentions that “Cisneros’s use of space and place helps the readers get the main point that she is trying to get across. I believe her main point is that everyone should be entitled to a home that you can feel safe and […]

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