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  • In my first assignment, I chose to walk the streets of Harlem and visualize which parts had been gentrified vs. which parts had been left without any investment.  After having our week 10 class on […]

  • For my project, I conducted an interview with my parents to ask them about their experiences or remembrances of past policies put in place that kept African Americans and other minorities, as well as women […]

  • Many Americans believe that “the land of the free” truly does offer everyone equal opportunity to achieve the American Dream. Many of these same individuals also preach that “All Lives Matter”, yet will turn […]

    • I agree that racial disparities in policing is overlooking crimes committed by whites and mainly targeting African Americans. It’s scary to know that the justice system often allows whites to get away with crimes because of their race while African Americans are targeted because society negatively perceives them as criminals. Race should never allows criminals to be overlooked. It’s also sad that minorities have to constantly prove themselves and fight to disprove stereotypes of criminality because of the negative ways they are portrayed in media.

    • Is sad to know that police are three times as likely to search the cars of stopped Black or Hispanics drivers than stopped white drivers, this is just one example of how racial discrimination keep happening in our country. Reading some articles about discrimination in this country I also found that black drivers are also more likely to be pulled over and less likely to receive a reason for being stopped. The fact that discrimination is happening with minorities groups, it’s being overlooked by the top and powerful people of this country. it’s not fair that because of your race you should serve longer sentences, you may be stopped more frequently by police officers or perhaps you may be innocent but because you’re black you found yourself in jail, IT’S NOT FAIR. All these stereotypes have to stop. Racism, in general, most stop and the only way to do that is if we come together has a country.

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    Wealth that is based on ownership of financial assets such as stocks, bonds, money, and government securities.  It is often t […]

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    The lack of economic resources for consumption of basic needs such as food, housing, […]

  • The Black Panther Party was founded in California in 1966 by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale.  The group was created to combat white oppression that was taking place in black communities and other minorities as well. […]

  • For my assignment, I chose to walk around different parts of Manhattan.  I looked at parts of Upper Eastside Manhattan and Mid-Town Manhattan but I mainly focused on Harlem.  Historically, Harlem has always b […]

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