• Wow the symbolization couldn’t have been any better. As you said the idea of Martha as an “enemy” really lies close to what the soldiers are trying to fight. I never saw it that way, as Martha being the enemy. Thoughts of her are potential danger, not only to Cross’ mind but his soldiers as […]

  • Good connection with procrastination. It’s often the best ideas made up at the last minute. In this case as you mentioned Harry’s. Of course the procrastination allowed him to roam his mental mind giving him some kind of freedom. As a question to your response, did Harry achieve anything at the end or is this […]

  • I agree with both posts. They both thought the same when comparing the intimacy Cross had with items sent from Martha and Tuan’s idea of intimacy. In post #1, I liked the idea that as children we are dependent on our parents and later on in life (as the author said it fades away). If […]

  • I enjoyed reading post #1 because of the conclusion that the author purposed. It was an “out of the box” thought about the plane (or if an ambulance) had come to save Harry. The idea of some religous belief was a good analysis on the author’s part since I thought so as well in my […]

  • Kimberly Garcia Professor Zino English 162 W March 21, 2011 In Hemingway’s “The Snows of Kilimanjaro,” we are introduced to a couple that is stranded somewhere in Africa. We are noted of their trouble later on from a broken car and one’s fate with gangrene. The couple, Harry and Helen are constantly bickering at each […]

  • I like Post#1 because of the way the blogger incorporated a different idea that Tuan stated in connection to “The Fall of the House of Usher” than the one I used. The blogger used “Tuan states, “Historically, interior space was dark and narrow. This was true not only of humble dwellings but also of monumental […]

  • Kimberly Garcia English 162 W March 14, 2011 The relationship between Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Fall of the House of Usher” and Tuan’s chapter “Architectural Space and Awareness” is shown with the House of Usher itself and how it confines the characters that set place within it. The claustrophobia of the characters shows the limitation […]

  • I like both posts. The first post I really felt the tone the author made with his/her point against the lottery. It was a great philisophical approach that also incoporated Tuan’s idea. The response really kept my attention. In the second post, the author used great examples from Tuan such as the Chinese culture in […]

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    Kimberly Garcia English 162W March 9, 2011 Professor Zino In the short story “The Lottery” by author Shirley Jackson, we can see the relation between her work and Tuan’s chapter “Mythical Space and Place” when it comes to traditions kept by people. Focusing on Tuan’s principles, we can identify what kind of values the town […]

  • I enjoyed readint post #2. In the beginning, I like how the author flowed smoothly in the first paragraph from the idea of “knowledge” from Tuan’s “Spatial ability, knowledge, and place” to Carver’s “Cathedral”. I understood the relationship that the author has presented between the blind man and the narrator. However I was confused on […]

  • Kimberly Garcia                                                                                              February 14, 2011 Professor Zino                                                                                                 English 162W             From Taun’s “Spaciousness and Crowding” and Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis”, we are given an understanding of the limitations or freedom given to us with space. Referring also to defying standards such gravity as Tuan mentioned in last week’s reading “Body, Personal Relations, and Spatial Values”. […]

  • I chose post #2 because I like how the author found similarities between Queenie’s posture and buildings mentioned in Tuan’s Space and Place. From the beginning I could see a well written flow the author constructed, however it was really the second paragraph where the author said “The chapter of Space and Place argues that […]

  •   Kimberly Garcia                                                                                              February 7, 2011 English 162W                                                                                                 Professor Zino             Referring to both Yi-Fu Tuan’s “Space, Place, and the Child” and Sandra Cisneros’ “The House on Mango Street”, the authors illustrate what space and place means to an individual. More so for Tuan as the development of space and place whereas Cisneros’s protagonist tries […]