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    I agree with your analysis on Psycho. Very interesting and detailed and Psycho is a perfect example when describing the male gaze. Another aspect of the male gaze that is missed is the fact that Norman kills people as his mother. In many ways this can represent the male gaze that woman are the downfall […]

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    I’m glad we finally got to see a character man enough to do some on screen killing. The violence is what is so drawing about the film. The fascination of the gangster is reintroduced in a new fashion as a vigilante couple. The woman is as rebellious as the male which is attributed to the […]

  • I agree with your analysis of the movie theater scene. It is interesting to see how Godard uses an actual scene in a movie theater to show the materiality of the film, which inevitably reminds the viewers that they are watching a film. It was simple genius to use something so basic to draw the […]

  • After reading both Taraneh’s analysis and yours, I am convinced Anger’s film was to create both a female and male gaze. Obejctifying the Kar and its ‘Kommandos’ creates this contrast. Perhaps, Anger was trying to depict a homosexual male gaze rather than the heterosexual male gaze that Mulvey suggests. A very thought provoking analysis.

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    I agree with you in saying the unscripted plot does not annoy the viewers. The dialogue and jump cuts provide spontaneity to the film that prevents the audience from looking away.

  • The ambition of becoming immortal and then dying is very impressionable to the audience. Godard’s choice to use Jean-Pierre Melville, a French filmmaker as the novelist with this ambition, directly relates to the Cahiers du Cinema theory of a director as an autuer. When Melville speaks of immortality, he is referring to the idea of […]

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    Your references of symbolism are interesting and provide strong details to your post. The fixing of the rug and lighting the matches relate to Walter’s responsibilities as an insurance agent who is supposed to provide coverage and support. It is also interesting that at the end of the film Walter has a cigarette lit for […]

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    The lack of logic and sensibility from Charles along with the forced situations are an ode to the disfunctional relationship, much like your cat-and-mouse reference. On one end Charles’ “clouded” judgement represents the emotionally driven and near-delusional logic of a person involved in this type of relationship. On the other end, the forced…[Read more]