Kyla Gluick

  • ‘Agency’ essentially refers to one’s own free will, in their capacity to act independently, and to make their own choices. It is, sadly, not uncommon to read of female literary characters who portray a lack of ag […]

    • In a sense, Heckerling makes achieving female agency easy by setting Clueless in a wealthy part of Beverley Hills, and not getting into the problems that the terrified maid, Lucy, has with agency. Cher’s choice to make her own decisions about her body also coincide with an era when contraception is easy to find and effective and when abortions are legal and safe. (In fact Austen’s Emma had no tough decisions to make in the way that Eliot’s Hetty Sorrel and Hardy’s Tess Durbeyfield did.) And it’s also true that Cher is in many ways smarter and better natured than the two “serious” semi-adults we see, Josh’s girlfriend and the junior lawyer working for her father Mel.