Kyreek Milton

  • This post was pretty much perfect, Alyssa. I most likely would have never thought to touch upon how each instrumentalist had a sense of “no freedom” due to the attire. It is arguable whether or not the player or the instrument itself is more important on the orchestra scene, because when your mind wanders off to the serene sounds in the air do we…[Read more]

  • Hey Naying. It was refreshing to see that you’re at least a bit more open to listening to classical music. Because your post was more personal instead of just a general comparison like mine was I could really see how you felt on both sides. The value and quality of any type of music is arguably the most important aspect when trying to enjoy or…[Read more]

  • Hey Jennifer. I completely agree with views on both aspects of a musical journey. I hadn’t thought of an orchestra setting to give one a more personal feel, so it was an interesting comment to read about. Would you consider music videos to have a very minimal personal aspect or just none at all?

  • Music is one of the few pieces of art that can bring others together. Its unique ability to have multiple variations towards how it can be perceived and felt in the eyes of us individuals is what allows us to […]

    • I agree with what your saying about the difference in the reactions to the visuals. Music videos focus on visuals to make the interpretation of the music more obvious. While Orchestras concentrate less on painting a picture so the listeners are able to interpret the music, each in their own way. It is almost like Orchestra’s are able to free your mind more than music videos, hence you falling asleep. In other words, you become more creative with your mind, developing a theme and/ or plot to the music. While music videos are meant to be watched like TV shows or movies, purely for entertainment.

    • Hey Kyreek, I agree that without any visual to focus on besides the performers, we were free to imagine whatever we willed. I did think of some instance of Peter and the Wolf, but I couldn’t really make out how a story could’ve went on. Considering music videos already contain visuals, I would say I prefer them, but seeing how you described the orchestra I might have to give it another shot. Hopefully next time I could appreciate it more.

    • Hey Kyreek,

      I do agree with you that music is something that can bring us together because i could see it within the orchestra. The orchestra is compromised of a variation of instruments that are used by the instrumentalists to create different melodies and dynamics. What brings these great instrumentalists together is based on their perspective on music and how they can take the different sounds of the instruments to play a role in each piece of music. I also agree with you on the fact that since we were in a confined space, it did help us focus more on our imagination as the music played on.