• I feel the American people still hold the President accountable for decisions that are made during foreign policy crises and that the American people have not been more or less sophisticated in regards to holding American Presidents accountable in the middle of foreign policy crises. Whether a citizen is white, black, Latina, or Asian is […]

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    Author Lisa Duggan believes that free-market economics and neoliberalism have contributed to a shift in wealth distribution in the United States over the years. We have all heard and read about the outrageous redistribution of wealth that has occurred over the last thirty years, and particularly during the last decade. But economic changes like this […]

  • Times Square Red Times Square Blue details the final days of the “Sex For Sale” industry that was so rampant in Times Square up until the early 1990’s and the distinctive social sub-cultures, particularly the gay male scene that centered around many of the Times Square adult-movie theaters. This book also details the reasons and […]

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    It was about thirty years ago this summer that the first cases of AIDS were reported. Since then, the virus has taken over twenty five million lives worldwide. However, the impact of AIDS has also gone well beyond the realm of human health. The disease has altered American culture forever. In 1981, a government report […]

  • I feel that I can agree that there are some parallels between President Roosevelt’s anti-business/anti-privilege rhetoric and President Obama’s rhetoric. However, I think FDR put a great deal more of effort into fixing the suffering economy during the despression such as creating multiple jobs to boost the unemployment rate, while Obama is mor…[Read more]

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