• Essentialism- asserts that the true essence or identity of an individual is composed of finite and fixed properties that are the essential components of what it means to be human. Essentialists believe that to be human means having an unchangeable human nature, a true and individual essence. Constructivism- reject essentialism, constructivists…[Read more]

  • I really enjoyed reading this again. Since this time I had more time as opposed to when we were at the lab doing peer crittique i have a much better idea now of your paper. Similar to what everyone else said, you are very good writer, all the details helped me grasp the storyline of […]

  • Since we discussed Victoriane’s draft in class I figured it would make sense to talk about Enes’ draft here. I really enjoyed reading it because i have seen the movie and I saw where he was coming from. However since I am familiar with the film I think the quotes used may be a little […]

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    You definitely killed it with your descriptive language šŸ™‚ i was also very intrigued of how different the story is in terms of how the world can be seen. i really liked it, so surprising this is your first short story! great job!

  • I agree with Prudence, you got me hooked on reading every part but i feel as though the end came too abruptly. She’s right about maybe building up to it so the endind can be as dramatic as the entire story otherwise great work =]

  • i love your style of writing, it’s not your typical narating but instead speaking directly to the reader. It give me a sense that your telling a story and venting all at once this was definitely and interesting and enjoyable read. =]

  • While reading the blogs it is clear that both Emina and Annmarie have valid points and opinions. I agree with them when marxism was compared to the psychonanalytic, feminist and new historicism lens. Since marxists critique with political, economic and cultural understanding these are very comparable to the feminist lens in terms of how women […]

  • 1) How I met your mother- sitcom that’s set 30 years into the future, Ted tells his kids the story of how he met their mother. He is seen as super sensitive and in a way feminine because of this urge to find “the one”. 2) Shameless- series on Showtime about a super dysfunctional family […]

  • Both Alessandra and Cassandra have valid points about gender norms during the time the book was written. During that time women obviously did not have the same oppotunities as men. They were also not seen as equal. In the text, Miles being the only male present throughout the entire book has the most opportunites, that […]

  • this is so sad =[ what a change of pace to the other works you have written. i mean this in a good way, you can write about different topics but with the same conviction. i agree with everyone else who commented as well. just a quick proof read and revision and this is a […]

  • 1) There are four main women characters in the novel. The governess, Mrs. Grose, Flora and Miss Jessel. The governess, who is an educated young woman that came from a poor family is hessitant to take the job however is completely infatuated with her employer so she takes it anyway. Mrs. Grose is the family’s […]

  • 1) The main characters in the novella seem to have very distinct characteristics. The governess is inexperienced but seems to be very curious and caring for the children. Mrs. Grose is very permissive and acts as the governess’ right hand. Both children are well behaved but I feel as though Miles has a dark side […]

  • The Panopticism exercise we did in class was very different. I felt very uncomfortable not knowing what was going on with my surroundings. I hesitated when we had to raise our thumbs up just because I was unsure with what would happen next. With that being said, clearly the idea of discipline and punishment can […]

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    i agree with both of them, but this is so cute and funny.

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    this is so cute, definitely can see this to become a good love song =]

  • I was assigned for Group 3 and it was unanimous amongst the entire group that the binaries for this passage is Savaged vs Civilized. On page 51, the paragraph that begins with “The earth seemed unearthly.” gave away that the rest would explain the binaries. The line that stood out to me most was “They […]

  • I agree with Jose’s response in terms of who Marlow really is. We previously discussed in class that he follows the sea but he has the same characteristics as a leader. He is not like any other ordinary seaman, he is very passionate about the sea. The opposing binaries of Dream vs Reality is obvious […]

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    ThumbnailSince dance is very broad and general Iā€™d like to talk about certain style in detail. Although our team is very choreography based, we use certain styles as inspiration. We use styles such as Popping, Locking, Waaking and House dancing. Popping originated in Los Angeles around the 1960ā€™s. The idea of it is to tense and […]

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