Nelson Torres

  • Sounds pretty tight. I wonder if all the media classes her4e at QC helped inspire you into your music and such. And as for the critics, well, just follow your dreams.

  • I wonder if the addition of sound added to the ticket prices to the movies back then. And if so, then by how much. I’m sure that was the case and I find it interesting how the rise of ticket prices today have reached ridiculous heights with the reintroduction of 3D.

  • Loved the video then. Wasn’t a big fan of them at the time, but my old guitarist warmed me up to them in time. Liked your analysis on the song. I agree with Amy about the ska influence too. Seen many ska bands in he day and most of the ones I knew had female […]

  • Funny thing about this song. I used to play in a band called No-One while I was a freshman a SUNY at Old Westbury and we were OK. Its was a power trio and our sound was heavy, noisy, and a little unfocused. One day in my buddies house in Floral Park, we were in […]