• You have a great ablity of analysis. What you done here helps me to better understand the materiality of film. Actually, now.. I’m having trouble what I’m doing on my analysis. I’ll keep thinking. Thanks.

  • Thumbnail     After watching the movie Citizen Kane(1941) , I’m falling in love with the director ” Welles.” There is no doubt that he is one of the greatest filmmakers all around the world. He knows effective ways of camera movement for express each scene. Therefore, I’d like to analysis the movie again.      It is a controversial and never ending […]

  • Thumbnail  Citizen Kane (1941) is a film describing the life of the man ‘Kane’, the American newspapers publisher with enormous wealth and power. People might think that he had all because of his richness, but actually he had nothing. There is not family, friends, and love in his life. The film starts with the mystery of Kane’s […]

  • Scene analysis: from Citizen Kane (1941) 4shots from the ending scene, Kane’s all stuff is threw out into the fire. LS, high angle, straight on. The camera is scanning all Kane’s stuff with normal speed and a man picks the slid in the middle of other stuff belonged to Kane. MLS, shot slightly from high to below (to […]