• The article Night Club Royale by Josh Ells is cool and entertaining article. It is very insightful on the nightlife of E.D.M. music in Las Vegas. When most people hear or think Las Vegas they often think slot […]

    • I 100% agree with you Kyle. Nobody in night clubs care about having a good time anymore they care more about other people thinking that they are having a good time. The lame idea that society has established with VIP and expensive bottle service being the only way to have a good night has ruined the night club scene. Instead of wasting my money on overpriced watered down liquor I could save that money and honestly throw a better banger at my house.

  • Miley Cyrus twerking on stage was one of the most entertaining and uncomfortable performances I’ve watched since Lil Mama jumping onstage with Jay-Z and Alicia Keys during their VMA performance. She definitely had a poor choice of words to say the least when saying she wanted her next album to have a “black sound”. I’m hoping maybe she wanted a…[Read more]

  • I agree with your entire response. Unfortunately African Americans were not treated equally in society and that is no different in the music industry. Most artist were not signed to labels, promoted or even given opportunities to record their songs. The few black artist that were given the opportunity to record their songs were stolen by white…[Read more]

  • I definitely agree with many of the key points you made and what the reading spoke about. The internet is a great marketing tool for all types of products but specifically music. One of the first artist to use the internet to sky rocket his musical career was Soulja Boy. “Crank That” was similar to gangnam style because it was a fun unique…[Read more]

  • I totally agree with the authors perspective of Jay-Z portraying a certain image in his videos to transition himself from “the game” to becoming a corporate citizen.  Jay-Z displayed his new identity when he […]

    • I consider Jay-Z to be a very smart businessman which is why I feel like him and Kanye are no longer on good terms. Sad as it is to say Kanye was just a profitable business investment made by Jay-Z. Jay-Z only went on theWatch The Throne Tour with Kanye because he foresaw how profitable it was. Jay-Z only hung around Kanye when it was beneficial and convenient to him and it’s sad to see because Kanye looks up to him like a big brother. Real friends huh, how many of em?

  • I definitely agree with your comments. I feel that Dyer is almost forcing his insight or belief of disco music on the reader. I would agree with Dyers points more if he spoke about specific songs but to categorized an entire genre of music as Erotic, Material and Romantic is a little to extreme for me. Couldn’t this argument be mad for multiple…[Read more]

  • Richard Dyer speaks about gay culture and the disco community.  He explains that there are three important characteristics of disco.  The three important characteristics of disco are eroticism, romanticism and mat […]

    • This was a rather interesting reading and I felt that it covered a lot in terms of the components of disco as well as its stance in society. Eroticism, romanticism and materialism are three things that I thought could be found in other subcultures too but many not as ‘in-your-face’ as it is in disco. I also thought that the discussion of disco being a capitalist society meant to draw in consumers interesting as well. It made me realize that even the things that you think aren’t marketable, in fact are; you can sell anything really.

  • Killing Me Softly by the Fugees is a classic record and one of my favorites. I was unaware that is was a cover song previously done by Roberta Flack. I didn’t know that the original song was recorded in 1971 and belonged to Lori Lieberman. The controversy behind who originally created the record is interesting. It is common for music artist…[Read more]

  • This sounds really interesting. I am not to familiar with heavy metal and the culture behind it but I am looking forward to learning more about it.

  • Cover songs have many purposes some more obvious then others.  For instance usually when an artist does a cover song it’s a record that is considered a hit and can gain an artist exposure.  Since writing a su […]

  • For my project I would like to discuss the subculture of social media and the effects it has on the music industry.  I will discuss how different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, […]

    • Hi Kyle,

      Did you already present this? I missed class last week and I would hate to have missed this, sounds like a really interesting topic. I’m especially interested in hearing about how sales have changed, I would assume it’s about downloads now?

  • Madonnas video Vogue glorifies the very friends that she had when she was broke and moved to New York City at the age of 19 in the late 70’s. She lived and worked within the same subculture which this documentary portrays. Not only was Madonna robbed at gunpoint multiple times, she was also raped. Madonna incorporates her life experiences into…[Read more]

  • Paris is Burning is a documentary film created by Jennie Livingston in 1990.  The film takes place in Harlem New York and documents the ball culture of gays and transgenders.  This film specifically focuses on B […]