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  • This was certainly my favorite film I’ve viewed this whole semester. I loved everything about it. Its funny, in the beginning of the semester I thought black and white films were boring. Like M. I hated that black and white. But up until now, I’d actually forgotten that this movie was black and white. Well, […]

  • This film was really enjoyable. I was ridiculously tired on the particular Friday when we viewed this movie, but it was able to hold my interest and keep me awake. I would have to say the factor that stood out most in this movie was the acting. It was very over-the-top and melodramatic. Especially the […]

  • Black Girl End Scene This short film that we viewed recently in class was rather touching. The actors all had a strong presence, especially the lead, Diouanna. However, the scene I chose to analyze is the end scene, which she is not in. Well, at least not literally. I would actually like to go about this […]

  • Written On The Wind Scene For this particular analysis, I have chosen to use a clip from the melodramatic film Written On The Wind , directed by Douglas Sirk and released in 1956. This film was revolutionary during its time because it was released in a time when Hollywood was just starting to use color in its films, […]

  • I’ve chosen to do my second analysis assignment on the materiality of film. The example I’m using is a clip from the French New-Wave era movie Breathless, one of my personal favorite ¬†films that we’ve viewed in class. The specific clip I’ve chosen uses jump cuts quite frequently. Breathless Scene The scene starts out with Michel […]

  • This was a perfect example for the gaze analysis. I loved this scene. Seeing everything from Eve’s point of view was a refreshing change and her commentary was very entertaining. You were absolutely right about how her commentary gives insight on why Pike didn’t like any of the girls that we saw in the mirror. […]

  • Excellent post. This was a great choice of scene to do for the gaze. I really like your perception on why the mask intimidated the white man. I can definitely see why you would say that the mask represents the spirit of judgement and the spirit of Africa, but I also thought that the mask […]

  • I think it’s cool that you chose this movie to do your analysis assignment on, it’s definitely my favorite movie we’ve seen recently. I also really like the scene you chose and the way you describe everything really in detail. I’m not sure if you are describing gaze or materiality of film, though. It could […]

  • Judging by this post I assume you had a very clear understanding of this film. I liked how you noted that the effects of war are both evident in the film’s overall progression and in certain scenes such as the one you describe. I also liked how you said that the government doesn’t care about […]

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    This was very short and to the point. I believe it could have used a little more detail, but then again it was a very short scene so there wasn’t much to say for each shot I suppose. I liked the use of the word non-diegetic, I haven’t seen that in anyone else’s analysis.

  • The Lady Eve http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZ7X5JDKmSI I chose a scene from the beginning of the movie that seemed to entertain the whole class when we watched the film. It is the scene in which every female on the SS Southern Queen was trying to gain the attention of Charles Pike. Eve was sitting apart from the other women, watching […]

  •   This is without a doubt my favorite movie we’ve viewed so far in this class. I think it must have been the humor.¬† The jokes were definitely more straightforward in this film compared to the rest of the films I’ve seen in class. I would classify it as a romantic comedy, but not like […]

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    Superbad and Step Brothers are two of my favorite movies lol great choices. What do you listen to as far as hip-hop and R&B? I’m Kaitlin by the way, but you can call me Katie.

  • Trying to get familiarized with this qwriting blogging…seems pretty simple. I’m really excited for this Reading Film class; my aunt is a screenwriter and this class will definitely help me understand her work better. Anyway, I’m going to finish reading everything about the course and then maybe edit the appearance of my blog. See ya […]